NACA’s Achieve the Dream Event Comes to NYC With Help for Homebuyers, Homeowners and Renters

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June 6, 2022


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(QUEENS, NY – June 6, 2022) – NACA, the nation’s largest HUD approved non-profit homeownership and advocacy organization, will bring its history-making Achieve the Dream event to Queens for five days, from June 23rd to June 27th,at the Resorts World Casino (110-00 Rockaway Blvd, Queens, NY 11420).  NACA provides the best affordable homeownership program for low to moderate income individuals and people of color. Homebuyers can meet with a NACA counselor and underwriter at this one-stop event to access NACA’s Best in America Mortgage: no down-payment, no closing costs, no fees, no mortgage insurance, and a below market fixed interest rate (4.0% – 30-year fixed and 3.375% – 15-year fixed as of 6/6/22) without consideration of one’s credit score.

Many thousands of Homebuyers from the New York Metropolitan Area and around the country will gather in Queens this June. Due to skyrocketing rents nationwide, purchasing a home with NACA’s Best in America Mortgage will often result in a mortgage payment which is lower than one’s current rent.  NACA’s previous Achieve the Dream event in Queens in June of 2019 was an overwhelming success, with more than 20,000 attendees. The most recent event in Miami held May 12-15, the first one since the start of the pandemic, was also a tremendous success, with over 15,000 attendees (Miami Event Video).

Homebuyers will receive one-on-one counseling from an HUD Approved NACA Counselor during this event, and many will obtain a same-day NACA Qualification to begin their housing search.  NACA has over $20 Billion for its extraordinary mortgage, including $15 Billion from Bank of America. 

NACA was the first organization to campaign against predatory lenders in the 1980s, coining the term “Predatory Lending” to describe lenders providing unaffordable mortgages. Now corporate investors are the new predators, stealing the American Dream of homeownership.

NACA Founder and CEO Bruce Marks observed: “these new predators are Wall Street funded entities which purchase vast numbers of single-family homes and rent them out to the very people who would qualify through NACA to purchase those homes. They are creating a massive wealth disparity gap that further diminishes the middle class, disproportionately impacting people of color. NACA will be on the forefront of fighting these financial predators once again and providing unprecedented solutions.”

NACA will also have counselors available at this event to assist homeowners with an unaffordable mortgage payment or at risk of foreclosure, as well as tenants at risk of eviction. Thousands of people will take a major step forward toward owning or saving their homes in a single day, without having to go it alone, thanks to NACA’s advocacy and support. All NACA services are free of charge. Doors will be open 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. each day. Attendees can register for the event at, and walk-ins are welcome.

Achieve the dream of affordable homeownership by attending NACA’s extraordinary free five-day homeownership event in New York City.
When: Thursday June 23rd through Monday June 27th – 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Where: Resorts World Casino (110-00 Rockaway Blvd, Queens, NY 11420).
Who Should Attend:


Started in 1988, NACA is the largest HUD-approved nonprofit community advocacy and homeownership organization in the United States. NACA has been on the forefront in fighting predatory lending and has been the most effective organization in providing affordable solutions to over 250,000 homeowners during the mortgage crisis. NACA provides the best mortgage in the country through its 45 offices nationwide. NACA’s founder and CEO Bruce Marks was named Bostonian of the Year 2007 for his tireless work, getting the major lenders and servicers to modify home loans. He has also testified before Congress on numerous occasions, including on September 12, 2000 to sound the alarm of the pending mortgage crisis, one of the few people to do so. For more information, please visit

NACA will provide three major services at the Achieve the Dream event:

  • NACA’s Purchase Program helps primarily low to moderate income and minority buyers obtain an affordable loan with no down payment, no closing costs, no fees, and credit scores are not considered, at a below market fixed rate (4.0% – 30-year fixed and 3.375% – 15-year fixed as of 6/6/22).
  • NACA’s Home Save Program assists homeowners modify their unaffordable mortgage. NACA has helped a quarter-million homeowners during the mortgage crisis save their homes with affordable mortgage modifications, with rates as low as 2%, many with principal reduction.
  • NACA’s Rental Assistance Program has NACA Advocates working with struggling renters to access $47 Billion in federal rental assistance funds.

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