Communications Specialist

NACA is a high-profile community advocacy organization with a large membership base that is seeking to continue to raise the profile of NACA’s programs, initiatives and campaigns. NACA’s campaigns and advocacy efforts often involve demonstrations and actions targeted against individuals, corporations, and government entities that are on the wrong side of fair lending and economic justice issues. The communications and media coverage around these actions must be targeted and clear.

NACA is looking for a very driven, creative individual with a passion for promoting its mission and ongoing initiatives and actions to a large audience. This individual will be influential in both developing and utilizing marketing assets to help engage NACA membership and shape the public image of the organization. The Communications Specialist will also have a key role in developing exciting new communication initiatives at NACA to enhance two-way communications with NACA’s two million plus members, the public and other media outlets. These efforts include promotion of NACA through radio, podcasts, website enhancements, and social media. NACA’s communication activities will also grow markedly as it launches multi-state initiatives focused on student debt, criminal justice and economic justice issues.


Media Relations

  • Work with media to inform the public of NACA’s mission, policies, practices and the ‘Achieve the Dream’ events in a positive, consistent and credible manner.
  • Coordinate directly with journalists, reporters, news producers and editors to produce news and features in the media.
  • Respond to press inquiries, draft press releases and media advisories, and track press coverage.
  • Promote NACA’s work and elevate its profile online, on tv/radio, and in print.
  • Establish contacts and solid working relationships with national and local media, with additional involvement as needed with politicians, community leaders, and others. Maintain a database of media and public affairs contacts.

Public Relations

  • Build trust and credibility with NACA to its target membership audience and the public in general.
  • Raise awareness about NACA and define, control and distribute its message to those outside the organization by creating and editing press releases, radio ads and other marketing/promotional materials.
  • Work with NACA’s community organizers and other staff to identify media opportunities to support NACA’s campaigns and promote community and Member engagement.
  • Enhance and manage NACA’s website content and social media communications.

Other Activities

  • Perform market analyses and supply recommendations for program development.
  • Contribute to internal communications to NACA staff and volunteers.
  • Provide event assistance.