Georgia Community Organizer

NACA seeks seasoned organizers within the state of Georgia to build on NACAs volunteer base, develop leaders and engage in campaigns and advocacy. The immediate goal is to flip Georgia so the state, local and federal governments better represent the needs of NACA members and its fellow community members.  The long-term goal is to set up a permanent infrastructure of community organizing, where residents alongside NACA members will advocate and organize to drive lasting, structural change on issues of political power and economic justice. Specifically, the GCOs will engage NACAs many thousands of Georgia members (individuals who participate in NACA programs) in voter registration, voter participation, accessing programs, and community action.

The Georgia Community Organizer ("GCO") will be responsible for outreach and activities within their designated geographical region. They will work in other regions as appropriate. S/he would work closely with other GCOs, NACAs CEO and the management team. The GCO’s primary focus is to fully leverage NACA’s existing assets, including its active member base, its field office’s and NACA’s digital technology platform. Additionally, the GCO will strategically collaborate with existing community organizations when appropriate to amplify the impact.

The ideal candidate is an experienced community and/or political organizer with an accomplished record of leading successful campaigns with extensive experience in field leadership at a state, local or national level. S/he will have exceptional political savvy and persuasive speaking, writing, and influencing skills combined with a well-developed command of field operations, communications, and outreach best practices. It is essential that s/he has: a personal and professional commitment to social and economic justice; a strong work ethic; a relentless pursuit of success; comfort pushing forward in uncertain situations; and strongly supports NACAs aggressive strategies, philosophy and tactics.


Specifically, Georgia Community Organizers will:

  • Develop (trusting) relationships with resident leaders in their specific geographic focus.
  • Build an engaged, effective, and active community of members, volunteers, and coalition partners to act in support of the campaign to flip Georgia and create long term community organizing infrastructure. 
  • Establish and organize Neighborhood Action Committees (“NACs”)local community action groups organized by NACA and its members.
  • Organize NAC members to conduct neighborhood outreach and street by street community relationship building to better understand community concerns/needs.
  • Organize the NACA Action Groups (“NAGs”) to focus on programs and initiatives such as assisting community residents in accessing the Earned Income Tax Education, registering through online voter registration, supporting candidates, and GOTV campaign.
  • For those who qualify, manage the compensation process for members.
  • Manage the data collection and its respective analytics from the NACs. 
  • Increase participation in NACA’s programs including as part of the organizing to ensure that those touched are educated about NACA products and services.
  • Organize direct actions and demonstrations including disrupting events (i.e. non-violent activities.  This includes outreach, participation, messaging, transportation, and logistics.
  • Design activities and work with members to fulfill participation requirements in NACA’s programs. Monitor and ensure engagement of members in NACA’s programs, actions, and campaigns, as well as create and provide tools to empower members and inspire them to pursue economic justice through direct and meaningful action.

In the discharge of these duties, the GCO must accomplish the following on a day-to-day basis:

  • Call large numbers of members and community residents in their specific focused area. Knock on many doors and motivate NAC members to do the same.  Monitor progress in real time.

o  Doors knocked

o  Information gathered

o  New voters registered

  • Collect the data from the door knocking appropriate act upon it;

o  Where there are persons who are not registered to vote, register them.

o  Those interested in Earned Income tax credit, sign them up and follow-up.

o Those interested in home purchase direct them to a NACA Workshop or event.

  • Support NACA members in developing trusted neighborhood relationships thru activities such as gatherings, community meetings etc.
  • Work with community leaders and other organizations to further advocacy objectives
  • Contribute to the creation and distribution of campaign and other materials.
  • Participate in hearings, meetings and other activities.
  • Organize and send out mailings.
  • Research property, individuals, companies, etc.
  • Work with NACA Housing Counselors to assist Members
  • Participate at NACA Workshops to involve participants in NACAs actions and activities.
  • Ad hoc projects and activities as required by NACA Management.