HAND Rehab Specialist


The Rehab Specialist (RS) works in the Home and Neighborhood Development (HAND) Department of NACA, located in San Antonio, Texas. HAND supports NACA’s mission to provide the best mortgage in America with a primary focus on low-to-moderate income homebuyers while revitalizing communities nationwide.  As part of the NACA Mortgage, funds can be escrowed for repairs and renovations to be completed after the closing. 

The RS is responsible for assessing, processing and managing the approval and oversight related to all housing property conditions as it applies to meeting NACA’s property standards for health, code, safety, structural and general livability requirements as well as Wish List repairs. S/he will be working in an open environment on a team of 3 to 4 supporting professionals, assigned to same markets with individual duties to support successful completion of all team tasks. There is constant communication with Members, contractors, vendors and others relating to the submission of inspections, bids, rehab budgets, project approvals, payment procedures and overall rehab project management.  S/he provides renovation guidance and education to NACA home buyers while completing rehab duties in relation to HAND department tasks including the adherence of NACA’s customer service standards. A RS works closely with HAND Director for Member, lender, vendor, office and program support.  The RS also works in a timely and effective manner ensuring department goals and metrics are being met as set by NACA National Management. 


This position requires coordination and assessment of all property condition defects including, but not limited to, specific responsibilities described below.

  • Educate Members, real estate agents, HAND vendors and NACA staff about rehab requirements and process as it relates to NACA’s property condition standards and mission, including prioritizing activities as per stated policies and national direction.
  • Ensure the productivity of the department and assigned team by having high work ethic, efficiency and excellent time management.
  • Ensure work is completed on time and within the required work schedule with limited need for overtime.  
  • Adhere to NACA’s standards of Member services for all Members, NACA staff, co-workers and affiliates, adhering to office professionalism.
  • Regular and direct phone communication with Members, vendors, real estate agents and other support related to each transaction which includes excellent listening and communication skills.
  • Daily computer use requiring knowledge of standard operating systems and programs including Outlook, Word, and Excel.
  • Review uploaded property inspection reports to assess code, safety, structural and health defects
  • Review inspections, evaluations, work write-ups, bids and additional cost information to determine scope of work and costs necessary to create a final rehab budget and approve the rehab.
  • Approve final Rehab Budget working with the Member to complete the scope of work using final bids from contractors working on the project.  Funds would be held in a Rehab-Work Escrow for work to be completed after closing.
  • Review and clear re-inspections of negotiated seller completed repairs.
  • Work with Lender to address final rehab repair conditions to secure loan approval.
  • Authorize start of project, monitoring rehab progress and communicating options for changes, payments and resolution of project disputes and work with member and lender until project is completed.
  • Perform other functions related to starting the project, reviewing inspection reports, change orders, and other HAND and NACA responsibilities as required.

 Minimum Production Requirements:

  • Maintain minimum pipeline of 75 to 125 rehab projects at one any time.
  • Maintain customer service satisfaction, per surveyed results from Members, vendors and lender
  • Minimum daily requirements– Complete 20 to 25 reviews a day, based on duty assignments. This includes property inspections, evaluations and bid review, clearing lender conditions,approving final rehab budget, project approvals, change order requests,and other assigned duties.

 Office Standards:

  • Phones answered promptly and professionally.  Return all voice mails the same day but no later than 24 business hours.
  • Conduct and complete review tasks within the HAND tickler reports (pipeline) as required.
  • Maintain daily appointments in prompt and professional manner, as scheduled on HAND’s appointment calendar, documenting communications and task requirements within the member’s file narrative, per appointment policies.
  • Members are adequately informed of and prepared for the HAND rehab process from the point a property is identified until the loan is closed, and through project management when applicable. 
  • Meet HAND department metrics. 
  • Effective work within the department and with other staff within the office to support member and vendor education as it applies to the HAND policy and procedures.
  • Adhering to timeline for inspection review, rehab cost determination, repair approval and other timeline requirements.
  • Follow-up with Members, real estate agents,vendors, NACA staff, national management and others.


The  Rehab Specialist must be able to meet the demands of the job that consists of 40 to 50 hours a week with overtime as permitted and necessary.  The position requires sitting at a desk with limited physical activity and constant computer use.  NACA reserves the right to modify the Rehab Specialist’s work hours by changing hours, changing shifts, and/or requiring weekend work.Such modifications may occur on short notice including during an existing shift.  The typical day is 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.; based on performance, volume and workload.Weekends as required to complete tasks ensuring closing timetables are met.