Human Resources Director

The Human Resources Director is responsible for the overall administration, coordination, and evaluation of NACA’s human resources functions. This includes hiring, benefits administration, staff evaluations, disciplinary actions, claims administration, and other H.R. functions for all of NACA’s 47+ Offices, Boston headquarters, Counseling Center, HAND, Real Estate and other departments (“H.R. Functions”).  In addition, he/she works on the development, coordination, and implementation of personnel policies for NACA’s 500+ employee base with adherence to employment laws and regulations.  Depending on the H.R. Director’s experience, the responsibilities may include managing the training department.

The H.R. Director is responsible for providing the company with the best people talent available and to position NACA as the employer of choice in the industry.  The position is based in Boston, Massachusetts and reports to NACA’s CEO.  S/he needs to be very detailed and pro-active in identifying issues as NACA continues to grow and evolve with proven analytical and problem solving abilities. 

The Human Resources department works closely with national staff and management in relation to human resource issues and on meeting company goals. S/he plays a key role in supporting NACA’s employees and managers who conduct homeownership programs and community advocacy activities across the United States. Therefore, the H.R. Director must also support NACA’s mission and enthusiastically engage in NACA’s advocacy as well as support and defend the organization’s strategies, philosophy, and tactics.




The H.R Director is responsible for the following operations establishing and maintaining policies, procedures, and processes for these operations.  Manage staff overseeing these activities and engage in hands-on activities as needed:

General Human Resource Activities:

  • Ensure that NACA personnel policies are implemented and adhered to.
  • Address employee grievances and complaints.
  • Maintain historical human resource records.
  • Conduct exit interviews to identify company issues and retain productive staff.
  • Conduct investigations, maintain records, and represent the organization at hearings.
  • Maintain and update written human resource policies and procedures.
  • Ensure that all human resource functions are in accordance with applicable federal and      state legal and regulatory requirements and standards (e.g., EEO, ADA, OSHA, Fair Labor, etc.). Review compliance reports for 401K and Section 125.
  • Maintain professional and technical knowledge by attending educational workshops, reviewing professional publications, establishing personal networks, participating in professional societies.

Recruiting & Staffing:

  • Manages NACA’s recruiting program, policies, and procedures.   
  • Keeps NACA up-to-date on best recruiting practices. 
  • Identifies and implements various options in outreach for candidates. 
  • Develops network of employer resource services and participates in job and/or college job fair activities.
  • Create and maintain job descriptions and requirements for all positions.
  • Conducts interviews.
  • Identify staff vacancies and staffing needs on an on-going basis including discussions of personnel needs with department heads. 
  • Evaluate and recommend salary ranges based on responsibilities, outcomes, markets and NACA’s overall compensation policies.

Staff Evaluations:

  • Manages employee reviews and evaluation process.
  • Develops evaluation process for all departments with structured salary increases and/or bonuses.
  • Coordinates Performance Evaluation System in ADP or other systems.

Disciplinary Process:

  • Assists supervisors in personnel management and disciplinary procedures.
  • Manage progressive disciplinary actions.
  • Ensure and conduct disciplinary actions in timely manner and with sensitivity for confidentiality (verbal, written and termination).
  • Implement terminations including termination letters, termination meeting, and related documentation.

Employee Benefits:

  • Oversee and administer all employee and benefit programs, workers compensation, disability, and unemployment insurance.
  • Study and evaluate benefit programs, assess benefit needs and trends, analyze fees, renewals, and recommend benefit changes and expansion to management.
  • Assist with the processing of benefit claims including employee deductions.
  • Design and conduct educational programs on benefit programs.
  • Maintain relationships with vendors and employees on all benefit offerings.
  • Enroll and terminate employees for the different benefits including coordination of annual enrollment and communication concerning benefits.
  • Implement oversee COBRA process and benefits.

Claims Administration:

  • Investigates accidents and prepares reports for insurance carrier.
  • Coordinate with staff attorneys on accidents, unemployment and workers’ compensation claims and responses.

Human Resources Systems (i.e. HRIS):

  • Maintain and update data and management electronic systems.
  • Adhere to privacy and other regulatory regulations as they apply to these systems.

Training (depending on applicant’s qualifications and organizational structure):

  • Manage and administer the training of new and existing NACA staff provided by NACA Trainers.
  • This also includes providing training for non-NACA staff.

Other Duties:

  • Directs clerical functions such as updating records and managing personnel files. 
  • Identifies and addresses other staff and work issues.
  • Provides leaderships, participants and assists in national and local advocacy campaigns.
  • Other duties as assigned.
  • Contributes to team effort by accomplishing tasks and activities as needed.