Mortgage Underwriter

The Underwriter evaluates and approves files submitted by NACA Counselors and Mortgage Consultants based on “Character Lending” criteria. The underwriting criteria is based on Members’ payment history and compensating factors without consideration of their credit score or other traditional risk-based pricing criteria. This is an underwriting position where the Underwriter must be able to manually calculate income and underwrite mortgages based on the Member’s individual circumstances. This includes examining and verifying documents and data entry to ensure accuracy and completeness; determining an affordable mortgage payment for the Member; and reviewing a complete document package to make an approval decision.

The Underwriter utilizes extensive criteria that take the Member's total circumstances into account and adjusts for factors that may be out of the Member’s control. It is the Underwriter’s ultimate responsibility to determine whether Members are ready for homeownership and the maximum mortgage payment they can afford. The Underwriter utilizes NACA's state-of-the-art mortgage web-based counseling, processing and underwriting software called 'NACA Lynx,' which allows NACA to do Affordability lending and underwriting on a large scale.

The Underwriter works with NACA Counselors and Mortgage Consultants to help them understand NACA's underwriting criteria, policies and procedures. The Underwriter also identifies staff issues based on the quality of submissions and recommends where additional assistance and training is appropriate.


Day-to-day activities include:

  • Underwrite files that meet the criteria for counseling, qualification and/or Max PITI approval based on NACA's character-based lending criteria.
  • Provide information to the Housing Counselor or Mortgage Consultant on what needs to be done for a Member to be NACA Qualified.
  • Examine and verify the documents and data entry to ensure accuracy and completeness.
  • Determine an affordable mortgage payment for the Member.
  • Review the Member's payment history and explanations.
  • Rate each file reviewed
  • Respond to all Credit Access submissions and Qualification reviews on a timely basis, in line with NACA’s policies and procedures.

Additional responsibilities include:

  • Assist in advocacy campaigns.
  • Assist in outreach in low/moderate income communities, churches and job sites.
  • Provide training as required.
  • Participate in ad hoc activities and other duties as assigned from NACA management.