NACA In-House Real Estate Agent

The NACA Real Estate Agent (“NACA Agent”) is an independent contractor to provide residential real estate broker agent services as an exclusive buyer’s agent to NACA Members.  The NACA Agent is an in-house agent who works solely with NACA Members who receive NACA’s comprehensive counseling and access to NACA’s Best in America Mortgage.  The NACA Agent has a thorough understanding of the NACA program and can facilitate NACA Members (“Members”) through the home buying process.  There are many Members who need an agent who they can trust.   The NACA Agent would have access to Members at the initial Homebuyer’s Workshop, during counseling to become NACA Qualified (i.e. pre-approved), and to the Members who are NACA Qualified. 

The NACA Agent provides comprehensive real estate services to the Member in identifying, contracting for, and settlement on the sale and purchase of a home that satisfies the geographical, pricing, and other criteria of the NACA Program.  The Member must feel comfortable working with the NACA Agent and trust they will benefit from the agent’s comprehensive understanding of the NACA Mortgage process, real estate experience, knowledge of the local market, and negotiation skills.  The Member is not pressured in any way to work with the NACA Agent and can change at any time. 


Main Responsibilities:

  • Help the Member devise a housing search plan based on the Member’s needs, how much they want to spend and current market conditions.  Sets proper expectations by explaining the NACA process, sequence of events, contracts, inspections, lender conditions, closings.
  • Guide and assist the Member through the home-buying experience, avoid potential pitfalls, and ultimately hand them the keys to their new dream home. 
  • Property Showings - It is crucial that the Member is shown as many properties as needed until they find a home that meets their desired expectations and is within their maximum qualified mortgage payment and price range.  The NACA Agent needs to show at least ten homes or more when necessary with him/her attending which supports the Member and provides a better understanding of the market and their options.  The Member is not to be pressured and afforded as much time as they need, even postponing the housing search for weeks or months as it is sometimes not the right time to purchase due to the Member’s personal circumstances or market availability.  
  • Pursues and protects the interests of the NACA Member.
  • Remain knowledgeable about real estate markets and best practices.
  • Responsible for any escrow payment that is made by a Member and explains the default situations which could result in possible forfeiture of Member’s earnest money.  Agent is required to maintain full and accurate records.  All escrow amounts are to be deposited, held and disbursed in compliance with all applicable laws.
  • Educate Member about NACA’s renovation program (i.e. HAND) and property condition requirements providing up to date lists of inspectors and contractors.  NACA Agent CANNOT refer Members to specific vendors.
  • Develop networks and list of contractors and inspectors to assist Member and ensure active list of vendors is available. 
  • Generates comparable market analysis to understand current house prices and options.
  • For selected property, submits Property Specific Approval Form to the Mortgage Consultant for him/her to provide Property Qualification Letter (i.e. Broker Approval Letter).
  • Assist Members in the preparation of purchase offers to seller or listing agent, including purchase contract, related addenda, amendments, and other documents.  Provide access to property for agents, buyers, appraisers and various vendors as required to complete purchase and sale process and settlement of sale.   NACA Agent must ensure purchase offers include NACA required verbiage: Buyer closing in NACA office with NACA approved Settlement Agent.
  • Should the seller counter the buyer’s offer or buyer amend the purchase agreement to request repairs, fully explain the process and advise buyer to seek legal counsel, if appropriate, to ensure buyer’s protection.
  • Submit executed P&S contract to the MC within 24 hours of execution via NACA website, fax or email.
  • Coordinates property inspection, wood destroying organism inspection and other inspections that may be specific to the region.  Attends the inspection(s) with the Member.
  • Communicates with MC to ensure loan is in process, confirm that timelines are met for appraisal, title commitment and survey, and assist Member to provide any missing information.
  • Confirms appraisal is complete, property met value and if not work with seller or listing agent to reduce the price.
  • Helps resolve buyer or seller issues that may delay closing or void the contract.
  • Assist Member to schedule contractors to evaluate, provide estimates or bids for any repair issues from inspections (if applicable).
  • On new construction - contacts builders’ rep for estimated closing date, assists Member to schedule property inspection and confirms final appraisal has been ordered.
  • Reminds and assists Member, if requested, in obtaining home owner’s insurance and confirms Home Owner’s Insurance Policy is in place and dated same month as closing appointment.
  • Cooperate with listing agents, buyers, appraisers and various vendors as required to complete purchase and sale process and settlement of sale.
  • Coordinate closing with Settlement Agent, Buyer and Seller/Listing Agent and walk-through inspections.
  • Ensure Buyer has Certified Funds for amount due at closing. 
  • Provide buyer with accurate contacts for utility transfers.
  • Attend Closing and provide assistance if needed
  • Participate in and assist with NACA sponsored home buyer training and education workshops provides visibility and an opportunity to interact with Members who may want to utilize a NACA Agent.
  • Home Buyer Workshop (two Saturdays a month) – Presentation to many homebuyers taking the first step in the NACA program. 
  • Purchase Workshop (every Thursday evening) – Members who are NACA Qualified beginning the housing search.    
  • Preparation for NACA Qualification Seminar (non-qualified buyers).  Works with Members going through counseling to become NACA Qualified. 
  • Complete house visits for NACA Homeowners who are delinquent in their mortgage payments. 
  • List properties for NACA Homeowners who have requested assistance selling their properties.  If Short Sale, be knowledgeable in short sale process, specific lender requirements, submitting offers, obtaining relocation funds, and required documents.
  • NACA Agent is required to maintain full, accurate and complete files for listings and purchase transactions in compliance with NACA’s policies and all applicable laws.
  • Participating in other activities and campaigns as determined by NACA.