National Recruiter

The National Recruiter is responsible for all aspects of talent acquisition and will support the design and implementation of effective human resource recruiting and on-boarding systems and processes across the organization.  S/he will focus on recruiting talent who reflect the diversity and identities that make up the organization’s membership and staff; 85% of NACA’s members and 95% of staff are of African-American and Latino descent.  S/he will be a dynamic recruiter and talent scout directly involved in the recruiting and hiring process while also able to advise the leadership team and staff across the organization during a time of rapid growth, creating and implementing systems based in best practices. S/he will join an exceptionally skilled and dedicated team committed to economic justice and providing affordable homeownership solutions to millions of people in the United States.  

The ideal candidate will have demonstrated expertise in all aspects of recruitment and retention strategy and implementation, preferably in a mission-driven, high-growth environment. S/he will bring a quick-thinking, flexible, and inclusive style with a focus on driving progress toward ambitious and quantifiable goals. S/he will be an innovative strategist who can devise flexible systems, policies, and processes to respond rapidly to changing needs while providing strong interviewing skills. A personal and professional commitment to social justice, particularly issues related to economic justice, is essential.

Have an understanding of the company's organizational structure and must be a subject expert matter regarding employment practices and applicable Federal and State laws.



Manage the Recruitment process for all NACA hires:

  • Coordinate and implement a variety of recruiting methods across the enterprise to maintain a constant application flow and hiring goals.
  • Create and post maintain job descriptions for all positions.
  • Coordinates the process including screening, testing and interviewing for all positions throughout the country.
  • Serve as NACA’s lead interviewer and train additional NACA interviewers.
  • Manage and ensures positions are actively listed within NACA’s approved online provider, public systems and the NACA website.
  • Does reference and background checks.
  • Exit interviews to identify company issues and potentially retain productive staff.

Manage organizational-wide talent strategy:

  • Oversees the company’s recruiting programs, policies, and procedures and assists in keeping the company up-to-date on best recruiting practices. 
  • Conduct an organizational needs assessment and work with NACA’s leadership to design and deploy a comprehensive talent strategy.
  • Establish recruitment objectives and selection criteria for every position within the organization.
  • Evaluate and develop aptitude and other evaluation tests for the various jobs.
  • Develop and support managers with interviewing skills and techniques as well as hiring and talent development decisions.
  • Partner with managers within the organization to build internal capacity and make sure they have the skills, training, and knowledge to effectively lead and develop their teams.
  • Determines and implements optimal means of reaching candidates for national and local positions including reaching out to: NACA’s members, promoting during NACA events, work with NACA partners, participate in job and/or college fair activities, advertisements, government unemployment agencies, colleges and universities, employers, and employer resource services. 
  • Anticipate personnel needs with department directors, managers, programs and activities to determine vacancies and staffing needs.   
  • Establish pipelines to prepare and implement recruitment program. 
  • Performs job analysis, supply and demand analysis, establish employment branding, and company benchmarking.
  • Work with Office Managers in local offices to outreach for candidates, job interviews and other activities related to the hiring process.
  • Evaluate and recommend salary ranges based on responsibilities, markets and NACA’s overall compensation policies based on identified outcomes. 
  • Align and maintain talent systems and resources. Serve as business owner of NACA’s recruiting software.
  • Codify best practices and lead implementation of initiatives to drive and support a cohesive culture with aligned systems, policies, and protocols to achieve recruiting goals.
  • Update and maintain staff database.


  • Coordinates on-boarding including timely completion of new hire packages and documentation including PANs.  
  • Ensure new staff is processed, integrated with training properly implemented in a timely fashion.
  • Manage the personnel files and new hire packages
  • Ensuring pro-active work and professionalism for a positive first impression for newly hired staff and initiation into the NACA culture.