National Research Director

The Research Director (RD) is an experienced and creative manager with an extensive research background.  The RD will significantly expand NACA’s research capability in support of its advocacy efforts to prepare for a groundbreaking multi-state campaigns. NACA has a rich history of effecting changes in homeownership and ethical bank lending practices through advocacy and direct action, and the Research Director will help build on that record of success to drive lasting, structural change on issues of economic justice by identifying and uncovering information that will mobilize communities across the country.

 NACA’s campaigns and advocacy efforts involve extensive research, targeted litigation, regulatory advocacy, legislative, ballot initiatives, demonstrations and actions focused against individuals, corporations, and government entities that are on the wrong side off air lending and economic justice issues.  NACA’s advocacy approach is based on confrontational, aggressive direct action to confront CEOs and decision makers where they live and socialize. Timely, effective research is crucial to the success of these campaigns, by providing the factual “ammunition”for effective advocacy. Strong research has positioned NACA as ago-to source for media and others wanting credible, accurate information on companies,individuals, and issues. Led by the Director, the research team will generate information and data on corporations, industry,government entities,and individuals.  It will focus on in-depth, tactical research to be used directly and immediately in expose and campaigns, rather than research paper sand studies. Much of there search will involve detailed investigations of individuals, including corporate executives, politicians, and others who make decisions that personally impact our Members and the lives of working people. The department will also conduct background research into legal and regulatory issues, legislation, and other business and governmental subjects.

 The RD is an experienced leader in the field of corporate campaign research, investigations, and/or financial analysis and will have a proven record of using strategic research for accomplishing campaign objectives and targeting solutions. S/he will excel at leading and managing a high performing research staff to ambitious goals and will be a skilled communicator with strong interpersonal skills and the ability to operate in a high pressure, fast-paced,continually shifting environment. A personal and professional commitment to social and economic justice, strong work ethic, relentless pursuit of success, and comfort pushing forward in ambiguous and uncertain situations are essential.    


Set Research Strategy in Partnership With the CEO, and Implement All Research-Related Projects

Identify critical aspects of campaigns and research needs. Identify, obtain, and use all available resources to conduct thorough research of campaign issues, individuals, companies, etc. Establish systems for capturing and managing research and investigative data. Work with organizers, staff, community leaders and other organizations to develop information. Oversee polling, focus group studies, and public opinion research. Contact persons, borrowers, companies and others to execute investigations. Balance strategic goals and ad hoc projects.

Recruit and Lead a Highly Talented Research Team

Manage research staff to ambitious goals. Train and mentor research staff members and provide guidance and support to other teams for their research needs.

Support Strategy Development

Provide thoughtful, proactive leadership from the research perspective to high-level strategy development. Work with the NACA management team to develop effective and successful ballot initiatives. Organize and assist in advocacy campaigns as necessary.