Office Manager

The Office Manager (“OM”) is responsible for the overall performance and quality of the counseling provided by his/her officestaff. The office is staffed with receptionist/administrator(s), NACA real estate agents, Housing Counselors (“HCs”) and Mortgage Counselors (“MCs”) who provide housing counseling and mortgage origination services (“Counselors”). An office should have a minimum of four Counselors. The OM is responsible for production, efficiency and quality control with a minimum of twenty closings per month (i.e. minimum of five closings per MC). Furthermore, the OM is responsible for NACA’s performance standard from receipt of an executed Purchase & Sale contract to bank application.

 This is a rewarding and demanding job administering the best mortgage program available anywhere. The OM is expected to work over fifty hours a week, including evenings and weekends. The OM is the person responsible for the office. He/she trains, supervises and reviews all of the MCs and HCs submissions. The OM will counsel, qualify and originate loans as needed to ensure the overall office success. The OM is also responsible for the office administrative issues which needs to be done by a strong administrator. The OM needs to be flexible in handling a wide range of assignments. The actual responsibilities will vary depending on the needs of the office and NACA’s ongoing activities. For example, the OM’s tasks include counseling Members, and directing administrative support staff. The OM’s position requires the candidate to be a licensed Mortgage Loan Originator (“MLO”) through the NMLS and hold the branch mortgage license.    

 The ideal candidate should have a demonstrated track record of being an effective MC.  The OM must have a strong work ethic, relentless commitment to success and attention to detail to achieve the following job responsibilities.  



The OM’s is responsible for growing the office and having productive counselors. This includes staffing the office with sufficient HCs, MCs, and a strong administrator. A primary function is to train and manage the HCs and MCs. This is accomplished by the OM approving every NACA Qualification and Credit Access application prior to submission to the NACA Underwriter.  These approvals must be done within 24 to 48 hours for a Qualification submission and the same day or a Credit Access application. The OM is acting as the local underwriter. This allows the OM to spend more time with Counselors submitting incomplete and/or inaccurate files and less time approving the preforming Counselor’s submissions. The OM is responsible for the quality control and production with each Counselor submitting at least three a week. The OM ensures that the submission will be approved without conditions. If the NACA Qualification submissions are not approved, it then becomes an issue with either the performance of the OM or NACA Underwriter.

 While a MC is responsible for their Members, the HC’s Members become the OM’s responsibility and are not to be transferred to a MC. The OM must submit these Members for Credit Access and bank application. Once a bank application is submitted, NACA Mortgage Department is responsible for processing and closing the loan except for issues requiring a MLO.

 The specific OM job responsibilities include the following.          

  • Policies and Procedures: Implement and administer.
  • Staff Supervision: Supervise the services provided by Mortgage Counselors, Real Estate Agents, administrative staff, third-party vendors and others.  Ensure that Members receive comprehensive counseling to address all the necessary issues including review of budgets, action plans, etc.
  • Administrative: Ensure efficient administration of the office including policies concerning phones, voice mails response, appointment confirmations, and the office is in good working order, attractive, and in compliance with lease requirements.
  • Counsel Members & Manage Pipeline: Provide comprehensive individual face-to-face counseling to homebuyers seeking to be NACA Qualified on as needed basis, including developing an affordable budget, determining readiness for homeownership and determining a maximum affordable home acquisition cost. Assist Members during the housing search and take mortgage application. 
  • Performance Metrics: Ensure the qualifications, closings and counseling session metrics are achieved and trends are identified and addressed for each Counselor and the office.
  • Staffing: Hire Mortgage Counselors, Housing Counselors, Real Estate Agents and Administrative Staff to meet office production requirements.
  • Human Resources: Ensures Human Resource policies are implemented including evaluations, discipline, and on-boarding procedures for new staff. Ensure all staff perform to the NACA core principles. 
  • Payroll and Attendance:  Verify staff are effectively engaged in work activities during work hours and approve payroll.
  • Bank Submissions: Ensure bank applications are taken within 10 days of the executed purchase & sale or as otherwise determined by corporate management.  
  • Training:  Train Mortgage Counselors, Housing Counselors and office staff in coordination with Training and Operations departments. 
  • Outreach:  Promote high participation in NACA’s programs and responsible for NACA’s reputation and standing in the broader area. Implement outreach plans to make NACA a major presence in the area including support with church leaders, politicians, community organizations, and others.
  • Member Participation: Involve NACA Members in activities to meet and exceed the Members’ participation requirements.
  • Workshops: Manage, present and attend Homebuyer and Purchase Workshops ensuring professional presentation that adheres to NACA’s current presentation. This includes Member testimonials and Member volunteer participation.
  • Member Services: Address Member issues and complaints. 
  • Advocacy: Involve Members and others in local and national campaigns including meetings of Members in their neighborhoods to address local issues.
  • NACA Management Input: Contribute to short and long-term organizational planning and strategy as a member of the management team.
  • Quality Control: Review files prior to submission for NACA Qualification and Credit Access approval to ensure files are properly documented, packaged and meet NACA qualification standards.
  • Other duties as assigned.