Operations Coordinator

The Operations Coordinator is an integral part of the Operations Department which oversees the 40+ local NACA offices nationwide and the Purchase Counseling Center.  The local NACA offices are each managed by an Office Manager with Mortgage Consultants (“MCs”) who do face-to-face counseling.  The Purchase Counseling center is managed by the Purchase Counseling Manager who oversees the HCs that provide phone counseling. The Operations Department is responsible from the outreach to submission of the Member’s bank application.  Once the bank application is submitted the Underwriting Department is responsible for the mortgage processing and closing.  The Operations department focuses on the quality of the counseling and production.  The primary outcomes are participation at the Homebuying workshops, NACA Qualifications and timely submission of bank applications.  The Operations Department is supported by the Training Department which is responsible for assisting newly hired MCs and HCs and those that are not meeting the performance standards. 


The Operations Department is responsible for managing, supervising and assisting with all aspects of the local offices to achieve significant increase in production requirements, high customer service levels, and meeting of the timelines.  The Operations Coordinator will spend a significant amount of time visiting and working with NACA’s local offices.  Responsibilities includes the following:

  • Policies & Procedures: Ensure staff implement NACA’s policies and procedures and demonstrate professionalism with internal and external customers.
  • Office Results:  Implement production, quality, and customer-service standards.
  • Office Manager Supervision: Develop and supervise OMs to achieve their requirements and where there is not an OM or effective supervisor to directly manage MCs and administrative staff.
  • Office Support: Create a plan with clear requirements for each office to achieve and support production goals and company objectives. Motivate branch staff including OM, MC, admin., real estate, and others.
  • Office Production: Track OM and MC production performance on metric requirements.  Identify non-performers for referral to a NACA Trainer with the appropriate Performance Improvement Plan (“PIP”) or recommending dismissal of staff unwilling or unable to meet production requirements or adhere to policies and procedures.
  • Homebuyers Workshops: Help develop strategies to increase workshop participation and provide training for professional workshop presentations including observations and critique of workshop presentations.
  • Office Capacity: Review the office size (capacity) on a monthly basis to determine if the staff needs to be increased or reduced depending on the market size.
  • Training: Train and develop staff to ensure they understand their roles and responsibilities for production, quality, and compliance including NACA’s Policies & Procedures.  Work closely and cooperatively with the Training Department to ensure all principles taught in training are enforced, and work collaboratively with the training team during the welcoming, onboarding, training, mentoring of new hires and the ongoing development of all staff.
  • Credit Access, Bank Application & Mortgage Process: Work with new and seasoned staff on the post qualification process including credit access, bank application, and managing files at the bank to closing.
  • Updates: Provide updates to Executive Management and Human Resources regarding staff
    concerns and challenges that impact or violate NACA’s policies and procedures.
  • Problem Resolution: Resolve problems; Determine Lynx system improvements; implement change.
  • Office Teamwork: Assist each office to work cohesively as a team in order to achieve production goals and adherence to NACA’s policies and procedures.  Develop a plan to optimize the performance for the MC’s to achieve the quarterly bonus.