Social Media Specialist

NACA has over two million members nationwide and is well positioned to effectively utilize social media in support of its mission of fighting for economic justice. Social media is crucial to increase NACA’s presence, improve its on-line reputation, encourage participation in NACA campaigns, and increase participation in its predatory economy initiative. With the already strong demand for NACA’s program, social marketing and advertising is one important part of the online strategy while also working on-line with individuals, discussions and follow-up from those connections.

NACA is looking for a very driven, creative individual with extensive experience and passion for creating compelling content and cultivating a wide audience through social media. This individual will be highly influential in both developing and utilizing marketing assets to help engage NACA membership and shape the public image of the organization. The individual will highlight and publicize the good work that NACA does, while at the same time making sure the best possible customer service and information is provided to low- and moderate-income homeowners.


General responsibilities include:

  • Collaborate with NACA leadership to develop and execute a strategy that enhances NACA’s online presence and advance its mission of homeownership advocacy, economic justice and building strong and stable neighborhoods and communities
  • Foster online engagement of NACA across social media channels and NACA’s website and forums
  • Contribute to printed materials and publications, including workbooks, presentations, blog posts, press releases, marketing assets, and social media
  • Oversee and reinforce the consistency of NACA branding, design and messaging
  • Development of brand awareness and online reputation
  • Content management
  • Increase participation in targeted markets

Day-to-day activities include:

  • Create applicable content that reaches NACA’s target customers and audience
  • Develop, enhance and manage all published content (images, video and written)
  • Observe and answer to users while promoting participation
  • Develop and increase outreach efforts
  • Oversee design (i.e.: Facebook Timeline cover, profile pic, thumbnails, ads, landing pages, Twitter profile, Blog, etc.)
  • Design, create and manage promotions / campaigns
  • Manage efforts in building online reviews and reputation
  • Monitor online reviews and respond to each review
  • Analyze key metrics and adjust strategy as needed