NACA has a reputation of looking for the fight. While NACA has developed very strong partnerships, it is true that we take on some of the most powerful corporations and individuals to achieve our mission of affordable lending and economic justice for working people. In fact we embrace such campaigns. The fight is often necessary to accomplish significant changes both in ensuring that the NACA program is the best in serving the needs of working people and in how lending get done in this country. 

NACA has taken on the largest lenders in the country and won. We will continue to engage in the fights that have broad implications. When NACA takes on a fight we take the junk yard dog approach “once we grab on we never let go no matter how long it takes”. The NACA campaigns against lenders and others often last more than four years. Every target has a braking point and we will not stop until we accomplish our goals. We mobilize our full membership of hundreds of thousands of Members. We utilize all the resources at our disposal. We do whatever it takes to win based on a non-violent personalized campaign. We believe that powerful people and decision makers of companies need to be held personally responsible for their decisions that exploit working people. Since their actions impact their victims twenty-four hours seven days a week, then they need to be confronted 24/7. This includes demonstrations, actions and other activities where they live, where they socialize and where they work. Every aspect of their lives is open for attack. Their friends, neighbors, co-workers, employees, family, and public need to be aware of what they are all about and how they make their money. 

NACA will continue to initiate both local and national campaigns. A current national campaign is against the brokers, lenders and investment bankers who victimized homeowners with predatory unaffordable mortgages. When we identify the institutions that refuse to respond to the needs of the homeowners we will attack them like we did in our previous campaigns: Fleet CEO – Terry MurrayFirst Union CEO – Edward (Fast Eddie) CrutchfieldThe Associates CEO – Keith HughesSenator Phil Gramm, and many others.