Georgia Residents: NACA is mobilizing a massive grassroots effort throughout the state.

Organizing Director

NACA seeks a seasoned organizer, base-builder, and leadership developer to serve as National Organizing Director. This person will implement the organization’s vision for its future growth and development as a catalyst for change through direct action. NACA has a rich history of effecting transformative change in achieving affordable homeownership and in changing lending practices. The National Organizing Director will build on that record of success to drive lasting, structural change on issues of economic justice through empowering and mobilizing communities across the U.S. Rooted in NACA’s large and active membership, this strategy will develop communities’ capacity to flex political muscle and create a critical change mechanism through NACA’s outreach and advocacy efforts.  This includes engaging Members in their communities and involvement in activities and campaigns addressing student debt, criminal justice, political fairness and economic justice issues.    

The National Organizing Director will design and implement a national strategy to empower and engage NACA’s over two million Members (individuals who participate in NACA programs) and a broader coalition working toward NACA’s mission to fight for economic justice and secure the right to affordable homeownership for all.  The Organizing Director will work closely with NACA’s CEO and management team to build and manage a nationwide department responsible for outreach while overseeing community organizers located in some of NACA’s 45+ local offices who will engage NACA’s Members and increase participation in NACA’s programs. In keeping with its deep roots in advocacy and leveraging its Members, NACA will continue to increase the number of individuals and families it serves with an expanded leadership team, headquartered in Boston, MA.

NACA’s campaigns and advocacy efforts involve extensive research, targeted litigation, regulatory advocacy, legislative and ballot initiatives, and demonstrations and actions directed against individuals, corporations, and government entities that are on the wrong side of fair lending and economic justice issues.  NACA’s advocacy approach is based on confrontational, aggressive direct action to confront the CEOs and decision makers where they live and socialize. These sometimes require non-violent civil disobedience, and the National Organizing Director and staff will be at the forefront of these actions and will be responsible for involving Members and supporters.


Reporting to the CEO and working alongside a committed and knowledgeable leadership team, the National Organizing Director will be responsible for building and managing a national team dedicated to outreach in support of NACA’s mortgage programs, engaging Members, multi-state campaigns and other advocacy initiatives. Specifically, the National Organizing Director will:

  • Build an engaged, effective, and active community of Members, volunteers, and coalition partners to act in support of NACA’s campaign and organizing efforts and increase participation in NACA programs. Recruit and manage a committed team of organizers and field staff in regions across the country who will mobilize NACA Members and community residents, collaborate with churches, community leaders, and other organizations. Establish Neighborhood Action Committees – local community action groups organized by NACA and its Members - to serve as the foundation for empowering communities. Work in partnership with cross-sector leaders and grassroots organizers to increase participation in NACA’s programs and to participate in campaigns, ballot initiatives and other advocacy initiatives.
  • Work closely with the CEO and NACA leadership to develop and implement an overarching campaign and policy strategy to combat economic injustice. Support the CEO in developing and implementing NACA’s advocacy efforts. Align resources and staff to meet benchmarks towards those goals. Collaborate closely with NACA’s communications, research, and leadership teams to develop effective and successful multi-state, multi-issue ballot and other initiatives that further NACA’s mission. Assess support for and resistance to initiatives and develop effective persuasion strategies at the local and state levels. Work alongside the Communications Director to effectively communicate NACA’s positions and create content for broader education and outreach.
  • Organize direct actions and demonstrations nationwide including outreach, participation, messaging, and logistics. Design activities and work with Members to fulfill participation requirements in NACA’s programs. Monitor and ensure engagement of Members in NACA’s programs, actions, and campaigns. Create and provide tools to empower Members and inspire them to pursue economic justice through direct and meaningful action.


NACA seeks leaders with a positive and open attitude, a strong work ethic and relentless commitment to success with attention to detail, and ability to meet aggressive deadlines and ambitious goals in a fast-paced environment. S/he is expected to have a high level of core competencies and skills included in one’s personal characteristics and professional experiences in the following areas: communication, organizational skills, professional skills, professionalism, customer service, time management, positive leadership, computer skills and being mission-driven.  The Core Competencies & Skills are described in detail at