NACA demanda para revocar la primera adquisición sindical de First Fidelity

(Charlotte, NC) - On October 24th, the Mecklenburg County Sheriff has been directed to serve a complaint on Edward Crutchfield and First Union Corp. alleging a conspiracy against shareholders to deny them their rights to oppose their acquisition of First Fidelity.

The Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America (“NACA”) and other plaintiffs are filing this complaint to overturn First Union’s acquisition of First Fidelity.  The Law firm of Ferguson, Stein, Wallas, Adkins, Greshman & Sumpter, P.A., one of the country’s premier civil rights law firms, is representing the plaintiffs. 

“There is no legal precedent for such an orchestrated conspiracy to prevent shareholders from asserting their rights, states Chuck Watts, Esq..” 

“Not only do they discriminate against minority borrowers and communities,” states Bruce Marks NACA Executive Director, “but locking the entrances to their headquarters during the stockholders meeting is indicative of their attitude towards the minority community – they will try to be the invisible bank at all costs.”

NACA is seeking a preliminary injunction preventing the acquisition and other remedies.  Contact NACA for copies of the complaint.