NACA encuestará a miles de titulares de hipotecas de flota preguntando: "¿Está satisfecho?"

(Boston, MA) – The Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America (NACA) announced today it will conduct a survey to gauge the level of satisfaction of more than 20,000 Fleet Bank customers. 

NACA will mail out the comprehensive survey to Fleet customers who have received mortgages since 1995.  The questionnaire asks for responses in the areas of customer services and satisfaction. NACA feels strongly that this type of in-depth investigation will play an important role as the Federal Reserve Board considers Fleet Bank’s proposed acquisition of BankBoston.

NACA C.E.O. Bruce Marks will present the survey results before the Federal Reserve Board during his testimony on Wednesday, July 7th  at 12:15 p.m..  Marks will be joined by many homeowners who have benefited from the NACA program. 

According to Marks, “This acquisition will create a major financial powerhouse in New England banking.  While Wall Street is in love with Fleet’s low cost of doing business, we have received numerous complaints about their poor services.  NACA feels that the customers should play a greater role in the approval process.”  Marks continued, “The information will be used to educate the regulators, and as a part of the ongoing process to ensure that Fleet provides the customer services and access to credit for all communities of New England.”

NACA expects the Federal Reserve Board will accept the thousands of comments and take them into consideration during the Board’s deliberations on the proposed acquisition.

WHAT:  Federal Reserve Board’s Hearing on Fleet Bank’s proposed acquisition of Bank Boston


WHEN: 12:15 P.M.  Marks will be available after his testimony

WHERE: Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

              600 Atlantic Ave., Boston

WHY: NACA will mail out over 20,000 customer satisfaction surveys to assist the Federal Reserve Board in their evaluation process.