Fleet to be Sued for Selling Mortgage Holders Private Information

(Boston, MA) – On Tuesday, April 18th at 10:15 am the Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America (NACA) will be holding a press conference outside the Boston World Trade Center concerning Fleet’s abusive and deceptive privacy actions. 

NACA, as a Fleet shareholder, will then attend Fleet’s annual meeting to confront Fleet’s CEO Terrence Murray concerning Fleet’s selling of mortgage holder’s private information to telemarketers and others.  Hundreds of Fleet Mortgage holders will be staging demonstrations against Fleet.

Numerous Fleet customers in Massachusetts and other states discovered that they were receiving charges on their Fleet mortgage statements for services they had not ordered.  These charges were authorized by unscrupulous telemarketers to whom Fleet had sold people’s private mortgage information, including their mortgage balance and status. 

Fleet is being sued by the Attorney General of Minnesota on behalf of the citizens of that state.  After NACA reached out to over 100,000 Fleet mortgage holders throughout Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island, the tremendous response highlighted this is a national issue. 

NACA will take on this issue throughout the country.  NACA is also making Fleet’s CEO aware of the impact of violation of a person’s privacy.  Flyers are being distributed today instructing people to call Murray and ask permission for NACA to release his social security number and other private information. 

“Fleet is the nation’s most anti-consumer predatory bank”, states Bruce Marks CEO of NACA.  “Fleet is identified as setting the standard for predatory lending and identified on 60 Minutes as the Loan Shark bank.  When we stopped them from getting away with that, they started gouging working people with some of the highest bank fees in the country – becoming known as the Predatory Fee Bank.  Now, it seems they want to become the standard-bearer for gross violations of privacy – to be the poster corporation for Predatory privacy violations.” 

At the press conference victims of Fleet’s practice of selling private information to unscrupulous telemarketers will be on hand to discuss their experiences and others to discuss the lawsuit. 

Event: Press Conference and actions against Fleet’s Predatory privacy policies at Fleet’s

           annual meeting

Date and time: Tuesday, April 17 at 10:15 a.m.

Place: Boston World Trade Center – 2nd level entrance ramp