Le meilleur programme d'accession à la propriété en Amérique arrive au Mississippi

(Jackson, MS) The Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America (“NACA”) will be changing Mississippi with the best homeownership program in America.  Working people are able to purchase or refinance with No Down payment, No fees, No Closing Costs, without perfect credit, at a below market rate, currently 5.20% (30yr fixed APR).  

NACA’s CEO, Bruce Marks will be in Mississippi on Wednesday, November 20e to introduce this incredible program that has reinvented mortgage lending.  NACA may be America’s best kept secret despite having 25 offices from California to Texas to South Carolina and in 14 other states and closing over 350 loans a month.   From the trenches of the Boston’s Hotel Workers housing trust fund battle, to NACA’s victory over the likes of Fleet Financial, First Union, Associates and Ford, and with over $4 Billion to lend, NACA is battling and winning.   Because of NACA over 11,000 throughout the USA are living out their dream of owning a home.  

NACA has also been in the forefront in confronting loan sharks who dress up as “sub prime lenders.”   Bruce Marks is quoted as saying: “These loan sharks are animals who prey on dreams and devour hope.  The loan sharks then take large chunks out of its victims, and leaves them to suffer with high interest rates, prepayment penalties, balloon payments, and eventually financial devastation.  NACA continues to be on the hunt for these common creatures of Corporate America.”   

La NACA se rend compte que les « prêts abordables » sont un moyen de dissuasion pour un usurier, tandis que les « familles à revenus faibles et modérés » et les « districts délimités » constituent l'appât parfait. NACA n'est pas votre entreprise moyenne ; diable, ce n'est même pas votre mouvement moyen. Dans le cas de la NACA, le plaidoyer était un moyen de faire de plus de dix mille propriétaires nos nouveaux amis et membres de la famille. Un membre de la NACA entretient une relation à vie avec la NACA. Nous serons dans leur coin à travers les hauts et les bas et chaque fois qu'un membre représente la NACA dans l'une de nos nombreuses campagnes, il ressent un sentiment de famille aidant la famille. 

NACA will give birth in many other cities throughout America and will have an office in every state by 2003.  NACA will continue to aggressively advocate for working people to have the opportunity to own a home on terms they can afford in safe and enriching neighborhoods.     

For more information on the NACA program access our website at www.naca.com or call toll free number at 1-888-302-NACA.