Media Relations Coordinator

Boston, Massachusetts

COMPENSATION: Based on Experience (range $70,000 – $90,000)

FLSA: Exempt

LOCATION: NACA Headquarters, Boston, MA

CONTACT: [email protected]

BENEFITS: Comprehensive package: single/family health, vision, dental, 401(k) and more



NACA is a high-profile community advocacy organization with an extremely large membership base that is seeking to continue to raise the profile of NACA’s programs, initiatives and campaigns. NACA’s campaigns and advocacy efforts often involve demonstrations and actions targeted against individuals, corporations, and government entities that are on the wrong side of fair lending and economic justice issues. The communications and media coverage around these actions must be targeted and clear. The Media Relations Coordinator would build on NACA’s brand and have NACA as the go-to organization for the media for housing and economic justice issues.

The focus of this position is on establishing and maintaining contacts with media outlets including print, radio, digital and other New Media. This involves working with local and national media to promote positive coverage of NACA and its various programs, its massive ‘Achieve the Dream’ events and advocacy. The Media Relations Coordinator would create and edit press releases and reach out directly to journalists, reporters, news producers and editors. S/he would also have a key role in developing exciting new communication initiatives at NACA including radio/TV ads, podcasts, website enhancements, and social media content and strategies. NACA’s communication activities will grow markedly as it launches multi-state initiatives focused on our homeownership programs, events, campaign against corporate landlords, new construction of modular housing, political campaigns and more. 

NACA is looking for a very driven, creative individual with a passion for promoting NACA’s mission and ongoing initiatives and actions to both local and national audiences.  The ideal candidate is an energetic media savvy news professional with a background in TV, print and/or radio with experience as a news director, reporter, editor, and/or producer. 


Le candidat retenu sera responsable des relations avec les médias, y compris, mais sans s'y limiter :

  • Établir des contacts et des relations de travail solides avec les médias nationaux et locaux, avec une implication supplémentaire au besoin avec les politiciens, les dirigeants communautaires et autres.
  • Nurture relationships with journalists through pitches, media advisories, news releases, op-eds, and social media.
  • Respond to press inquiries, draft press releases and media advisories, and track press coverage. Identify media and public affairs opportunities.
  • Participer à la création et à l'exécution de publipostages ciblés et à la distribution de matériel et d'informations sur les programmes, les événements et les campagnes de sensibilisation de la NACA.
  • Work with NACA’s staff to identify media opportunities to support NACA’s campaigns and promote community and Member engagement.
  • Craft messaging for public and media relations campaigns (including identification and pursuit of media contacts) and marketing efforts to promote NACA’s work and elevate its profile online, on tv/radio, and in print.
  • Establish and manage a database of vetted media contacts.
  • Enhance and work on NACA’s website content and social media communications.
  • Work with NACA staff to effectively promote NACA’s brand, its mission, and campaigns.
  • S'engager dans la création d'une communication interne avec le personnel et les bénévoles de la NACA.
  • Fournir une assistance événementielle.

Other Activities and Requirements

  • Assist in outreach activities focused on low- and moderate-income communities, churches, job sites, events, etc.
  • Participate in regular trainings.
  • Participate in NACA events and campaigns, including travelling nationally as required during the week and on weekends.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Advocacy in Support of NACA’s Mission

Participate in advocacy campaigns as needed. NACA continues its aggressive advocacy in fighting for economic justice for low to moderate income and people of color by addressing the racial wealth disparity gap and other issues. Employment with NACA requires ongoing participation in NACA’s advocacy, campaigns, outreach, community organizing, and other activities as determined by NACA. This includes supporting and actively promoting NACA’s tactics and mission of fighting for economic justice.  This is also important for NACA’s continued success and in expanding NACA’s purchase and other programs. NACA staff have a tremendous impact on the Members and communities they serve. For more information about NACA or its history and programs, visit


The Media Relations Coordinator must be able to meet the demands of the job that consists of 50+ hours a week. This is a demanding position requiring dedication and the willingness and ability to work long hours including evenings and weekends. Extensive national travel is required.


The salary range is between $70,000 and $90,000 based on experience and skills directly related to this position such as experience and connections in various media. The candidate’s performance evaluation and future compensation is largely based on meeting and exceeding the Job Responsibilities and other job tasks. 


NACA recherche des leaders avec une attitude positive et ouverte, une solide éthique de travail et un engagement indéfectible envers le succès avec une attention aux détails et la capacité de respecter des délais serrés et des objectifs ambitieux. On s'attend à ce qu'il/elle ait un niveau élevé de compétences de base et d'aptitudes incluses dans ses caractéristiques personnelles et ses expériences professionnelles dans les domaines suivants : communication, compétences organisationnelles, compétences professionnelles, professionnalisme, service à la clientèle, gestion du temps, leadership positif, compétences informatiques et étant axé sur la mission. le Compétences et compétences de base sont décrits en détail sur


  • Baccalauréat – Obligatoire.
  • Formation et certifications démontrant des connaissances et des références importantes - De préférence. 


  • Expérience de la navigation dans divers médias pour y accéder.
  • 3+ years experience preferred as an investigative reporter, new director, general reporter, producer or editor.
  • Experience with political media outreach or representing a politician, government or private sector entity.
  • Attitude and ability to build an extensive network of media contacts.
  • Solides compétences interpersonnelles avec la capacité de créer des messages personnalisés pour différents publics.
  • Solides compétences en rédaction, édition, présentation et communication orale, ainsi qu'une capacité à synthétiser et à traduire des informations compliquées dans un langage clair et convaincant.
  • Une présence personnelle crédible et engageante.
  • Volonté de penser de manière entrepreneuriale et créative.
  • Experience in presenting on TV or radio preferred.
  • Expérience dans le secteur hypothécaire et/ou à but non lucratif utile, mais pas obligatoire.
  • La capacité d'écrire et de parler des langues autres que l'anglais, en particulier l'espagnol, est un plus.


Applicants can apply to selecting the Apply Button below.

NACA is an equal opportunity employer. Minority and bilingual individuals, particularly those who speak and write in Spanish, as well as second chance applicants are strongly encouraged to apply. To follow-up and for inquiries regarding this and other positions contact NACA’s HR Department at [email protected].

This job description is solely for descriptive purposes with NACA reserving the right to make unilateral changes to this job description. This does not constitute a contract for employment with employment at NACA on an “at-will” basis.


NACA has more than three million Members and 47 offices. NACA has established an outstanding record of success over four decades for its effective operations and aggressive advocacy against predatory and discriminatory lenders. NACA stands out in the following areas:

  1. Provides the best mortgage in America with no down payment, no closing costs, no fees, no mortgage insurance, at a below market fixed rate without consideration of one’s credit score;
  2. Is the largest and most effective HUD approved counseling organization;
  3. Has been on the forefront of fighting against abusive and discriminatory lending practices; and
  4. Saved more than 500,000 homeowners with an unaffordable mortgage from foreclosure during the mortgage crisis.