La NACA organisera un événement sur l'accession à la propriété pour des milliers de personnes à Baltimore

Low-to-Moderate Income People will Access NACA's Best in America Mortgage With No Down Payment and No Closing Cost

(Baltimore, Maryland) NACA (Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America), the nation’s largest HUD certified, non-profit housing counseling and community advocacy organization, is bringing a massive homeownership event to Baltimore for five days from Thursday, August 8th through Monday, August 12th.   This “Réalisez le rêve" event will bring extraordinary homeownership opportunities with NACA’s Best in America Mortgage. Thousands of people will attend from the Baltimore area and across the country to take advantage of NACA’s program.

Au cours de cette opération de prêt hypothécaire à guichet unique, le programme NACA offre des possibilités d'accession à la propriété sans précédent pour les acheteurs de maison à revenu faible à modéré avec la Meilleur en Amérique hypothèque qui ne nécessite aucun acompte, aucun frais de clôture, aucun PMI, à un taux fixe inférieur au marché and without consideration of a homebuyer’s credit score.  The interest rate is 3.375% APR for 30-year fixed and 2.875% APR 15-year fixed (as of 7/30/19).  As Forbes magazine noted, every lender with a low down payment mortgage charges a different interest rate depending on the borrowers circumstances. Then they pointed out, “There is one exception, NACA, that charges the same rate regardless of the credit score”.  NACA has $15 Billion committed to the NACA Mortgage with $10 Billion from Bank of America.  NACA counselors and underwriters will be on-site at the event to approve many homebuyers in one day for the NACA Mortgage.

“It may sound too good to be true”, states Bruce Marks, NACA’s CEO and founder, “but NACA has a tremendous track record of unprecedented success over 20 years with this one outstanding mortgage.  With more than 60,000 NACA homeowners and one of the lowest foreclosure rates, we have demonstrated that working people with limited savings make their mortgage payments.  As good as it sounds, it is even better, which is why thousands of homebuyers attend each of our Achieve the Dream events.”   
Tens of thousands of people have attended the 20 previous Achieve the Dream events across the country, with the drum beat in the communities that NACA is where to go for affordable homeownership to low-to-moderate income and minority individuals. The Achieve the Dream event is open to all prospective homebuyers and all current homeowners who have an unaffordable mortgage. NACA services are free of charge and walk-ins are welcome. (cliquez pour l'histoire CNBC)