Historically, affordable homeownership has been unattainable for millions of people of color and disadvantaged Americans. Nevertheless, a transformation is now happening. The Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America (“NACA”) is a nationwide non-profit and HUD-approved housing counseling organization that has developed a fair lending model, which enables unprecedented affordable homeownership on a large scale. NACA’s innovative model benefits those who have been prevented from accumulating wealth and achieving personal financial security through homeownership. NACA is stabilizing communities by providing employment opportunities for community residents and new homeowners who are the most effective neighborhood crime fighters. NACA’s trailblazing private sector housing program is setting a national standard for affordable homeownership. For more information, please visit www.naca.com.

NACA is a bright beacon of hope in reversing the historical legacy of racism and exclusion by offering affordable homeownership opportunities to underrepresented groups and people of color as well as lower income individuals. NACA’s purchase program provides a solution to address the major barriers in the housing market, which have resulted in historically low homeownership rates, particularly for African Americans. Homebuyers who are currently subjected to exorbitant rents, often have a mortgage payment lower than their rent.   

Lenders have committed over $20 Billion, including $15 Billion from Bank of America, for NACA’s exceptional mortgage product, allowing NACA to offer its programs across all fifty states, with 47 offices nationwide and a counseling center for nationwide remote counseling services. As a non-profit housing counseling organization and a licensed mortgage broker in every state, NACA is proud to be the only organization that can confidently say that it offers the Best Mortgage in America with the lowest fixed interest rate as described below.  

NACA has achieved an unprecedented track record of helping over 75,000 successful homebuyers – 85% of whom are people from people of color – with an extremely low foreclosure rate of 0.0001183 (i.e., about one-hundredth of one percent). With more than three million Members nationwide, NACA continues to grow through word of mouth. Every day, NACA members recommend NACA to their family members, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and other people in need of affordable homeownership.

NACA utilizes its comprehensive counseling and the extraordinary NACA Mortgage for the following homeownership programs described below:


The NACA Mortgage is recognized as the Best Mortgage in America.  NACA, as a non-profit licensed mortgage broker in all fifty states, could not say this if it was not factually correct.  The NACA Mortgage overcomes the four barriers to affordable homeownership.

  1. Barrier: Limited Savings

NACA Solution: No Down Payment & No Closing Costs

  • Barrier: Unaffordable Terms

NACA Solution: Below Market Fixed Rate & Aggressive Buy-Down

  • Barrier: Restrictive Underwriting based on Credit Score

NACA Solution: Character Based Lending without Consideration of Credit Score

  • Barrier: Racism & Biases

NACA Solution: Pre-Qualification & Advocacy

NACA offers the best mortgage in America with these exceptional terms and character-based criteria:

  • Down-payment – None
  • Closing costs – Paid by lender
  • Application Fees – None
  • Points & Fees – None
  • Mortgage Insurance – None
  • Interest Rate – Below market fixed rate (go to www.naca.com for current rate)
  • Interest-rate buy-down – Aggressive permanent interest rate buy-down.
  • Loan-to-value – 100% for purchase and 110% for purchases with a repair escrow
  • Terms – 15, 20 or 30 years, fully amortizing
  • Credit Score – No consideration of credit score
  • Payment History – Participants are not penalized for late payments they did not have reasonable control over. Their payment history over the past 24 months is considered, with a focus on the past 12 months
  • Property Types – Single-family homes, condos, co-ops, 1-4 unit multi-family properties, mixed-use properties, new constructions or existing properties
  • Renovation – Finance the cost of repairs to be completed after mortgage closing 


NACA’s HUD certified housing counselors provide comprehensive housing counseling services.  NACA’s full document counseling is considered the gold standard in housing counseling for low- to moderate-income people. Homebuyers receive counseling for as long as it takes to become NACA Qualified, which certifies that they have undergone full-document underwriting. This makes them desirable customers for real estate agents, sellers, and lenders. 

NACA is the largest HUD intermediary counseling organization in the United States, providing between 20% to 30% of the HUD housing counseling nationwide. It is also one of the major training programs for HUD. NACA’s Economic Justice and Advocacy Center (“NEJAC”) offers free courses for housing counselors, including courses for HUD certification, pre-purchase counseling, rental counseling, and foreclosure/eviction prevention counseling.  In addition, NEJAC collaborates with many Historically Black Colleges and Universities (“HBCUs”) to train their students and alumni on housing issues and providing affordable homeownership opportunities. 


All homeownership programs below require NACA’s comprehensive counseling to access NACA’s Best in America Mortgage.

Purchase Program

        NACA’s foundation is the Purchase Program, which is available to all homebuyers.  Individuals whose income falls at or below the median income can purchase anywhere, while those with higher income must purchase a property located in a census tract that is at or below the median income.

Purchase & Rehab Mortgage

Homebuyers can purchase a home and have funds available in a rehab escrow to make necessary repairs after closing.  NACA’s HAND department provides the homeowner with ongoing assistance and coordination throughout their renovation or new construction. This includes property inspections, repair cost estimates, creating a project budget, identifying contractors, reviewing contractors, contractor disbursements, and more.  This allows homebuyers to compete with cash buyers and investors who will either flip the property at a much higher sales price or turn it into a rental property. 

HOT-PHA (Section 8/Housing Choice Voucher Recipients)

The Homeownership Through Public Housing Assistance (“HOT-PHA”) program is a transformative opportunity for public housing authority Section 8 or Housing Choice Voucher (“HCV”) recipients who aspire to become first-time homeowners. Through this innovative initiative, participants can combine their HCV with all the benefits of NACA’s Best in America Mortgage, including a below market 30- or 20-year term mortgage to purchase a home. This is an ideal program for families to transition out of long-term public assistance into affordable homeownership to start building generational wealth. 

The Payment Standard approved by the PHA, which is currently paid to the landlord, goes to the lender to pay the participant’s monthly mortgage payment. This enables many participants to own their home mortgage debt free and clear in 20 years or less, ensuring long-term financial independence. It is a groundbreaking program that incurs no additional cost to the housing authority or government and enables families to transition from housing assistance to homeownership.  For more information, visit: https://www.naca.com/the-naca-hot-pha-program/

One-Dollar Homeownership Program

NACA partners with cities and towns across the nation to offer residents the opportunity to purchase a vacant house or lot for only one dollar with NACA providing financing for the renovation or new construction through its Best in America Mortgage. The One-Dollar Homeownership Program aims to transfer government owned properties taken for tax delinquency, code violations, or other circumstances to community residents who wish to revitalize neighborhoods through affordable owner-occupied homeownership. This program eliminates the overhead associated with developers as the properties are directly transferred to the homebuyer.

All properties are affordable for low- to moderate-income homebuyers. A deed restriction for ten years prevents the property from being flipped, or a land trust to preserve affordability and provide funds for maintaining the community.  Both would enable homeowners to generate reasonable equity over time. Increased homeowner occupancy elevates the tax base for the city to provide additional services to these communities and neighborhoods, reduce crime, ensure well-maintained properties, encourage active participation in the community and school system, and provide neighborhood stability through long-term homeownership.  To take advantage of this program, get in touch with your local NACA office and advocate for it in your community.

NACA Homes

NACA is developing new construction affordable beautifully designed high-quality factory-built homes. The variety of NACA home designs would blend in with the with the existing communities including porches, multi-story, garages, etc. These affordable homes utilize innovative materials and building techniques, such as modular, panelized, and other building types that are tornado and hurricane resistant, far exceeding the HUD and applicable state code. The NACA Home can be built on a lot purchased through the One-Dollar Program or a lot owned or purchased by a Member.

How is this possible:

City sells the vacant property to the homebuyer for $1

Savings: $5,000 to $50,000

Savings: 25% – 50% of the property cost

Savings: 10% – 20% of the building cost (e.g., $85 per square foot)

Savings: 75% of monthly utility costs


Purchase price: $115,000

Mortgage payment is likely lower than their rent and even more affordable with government assistance.


            NACA provides comprehensive assistance for both NACA homeowners and those with an unaffordable mortgage payment.

Homeowner Assistance

Homeowners with an unaffordable mortgage payment or in need of assistance can access NACA’s Homeowner Assistance Department and work directly with a NACA Advocate. The NACA Advocate provides counseling to determine an affordable mortgage payment and works directly with the lender/servicer to achieve a long-term affordable solution.  Homeowners with a NACA Mortgage can receive additional assistance including financial assistance. 

Homeowner Refinance & Rehab Mortgage

Existing homeowners in need of significant repairs to their property can also access NACA’s Best in America mortgage to refinance. If the homeowner has an existing mortgage, NACA refinances that mortgage to facilitate repairs and/or renovations. Homeowners with or without an existing mortgage can refinance in order to have funds available after the closing to address code, safety, health, structural, and other significant issues. NACA’s HAND department assists homeowners in this process, including a home inspection, evaluating and estimating the repair costs, identifying and reviewing contractors, managing the disbursement process for contractor payments and more.