Communications Director

Boston, MA | Atlanta, GA | Charlotte, NC

NACA seeks an experienced, passionate, and entrepreneurial communications professional to raise the visibility of the organization and communicate the impact of its work. Part of a rapidly growing leadership team, the Communications Director will be responsible for developing and implementing a national communications strategy that supports existing best-in-class programs and raise the profile of NACA’s initiatives and campaigns both nationally and in local markets. Reporting directly to a highly visible CEO, the Communications Director will ensure that NACA’s work and mission are widely and accurately publicized. NACA’s campaigns and advocacy efforts often involve demonstrations and actions targeted against individuals, corporations, and government entities that are on the wrong side of fair lending and economic justice issues.  The communications and media coverage around these actions must be targeted and clear. NACA’s advocacy approach is based on confrontational, aggressive direct action to confront decision makers where they live and socialize. Campaigns by NACA have been covered by the New York Times, Washington Post, Boston Globe, Wall Street Journal, CNN, ABC Nightly News, MSNBC, CNBC, National Public Radio, international media and numerous others.  In 2007, NACA’s Founder and CEO, Bruce Marks, was named Boston Globe’s Bostonian of the Year.

In addition to supporting a growing, high profile organization, the Communications Director has the opportunity build a strong communications infrastructure, and develop NACA’s Communications Department as it conducts several exciting initiatives – including an on-site radio studio, state-of-the-art podcasts, website enhancements, and social media – to enhance two-way communications with NACA’s two million plus members and others. NACA’s communication activities will grow markedly as it launches multi-state initiatives focused on student debt, criminal justice and economic justice issues.


NACA is the country’s largest HUD approved non-profit homeownership, housing counseling, and advocacy organization with more than three million Members strong and 47 offices nationwide. NACA has established a proven track record of over three decades, not only earning respect for its operations but also becoming feared by predatory lenders. NACA’s reputation is built on being the most effective organization providing affordable homeownership in the United States. NACA has been on the forefront of    fighting against abusive and discriminatory lending practices over more than thirty years. NACA is aggressively hiring hardworking, relentless, and dedicated individuals who are willing and eager to fight for economic justice and racial equality.  NACA provides unprecedented opportunities for its staff to do well financially by doing good.

Founded in 1988, NACA has won campaigns against some of the country’s most powerful companies and  individuals engaged in predatory and discriminatory lending. NACA’s success is a result of its relentless confrontational advocacy as well as state of the art systems and operations. NACA’s purchase program provides  comprehensive counseling as HUD’s largest housing counseling agency (through its Neighborhood Stabilization Corporation subsidiary) with access to NACA’s Best in America mortgage, requiring no down payment, no closing costs, no mortgage insurance, no need for perfect credit, and always at a below-market, fixed interest rate. NACA has more than $20 billion in mortgage commitments with $15 billion from Bank of America to fund this extraordinary mortgage. NACA is also the most effective organization in providing affordable solutions to homeowners with an unaffordable mortgage and has done so for more than 500,000 at-risk homeowners nationwide through its HomeSave program.

Built on this unprecedented track record of success, NACA is rapidly expanding across the country and is hiring many hardworking, dedicated, exceptional new employees. NACA continues its aggressive advocacy  in fighting for economic justice for low to moderate income people and communities. NACA also continues to fight for economic justice, including eliminating unaffordable student debt, increasing taxes on the wealthy, reducing income inequality, ending structural racism, and mitigating climate change, among other issues. Employees  at NACA have a tremendous impact on the communities and Members they serve. For more information  about NACA or its history and programs, visit

Advocacy in Support of NACA’s Mission:

Employment with NACA requires ongoing participation in NACA’s advocacy, outreach, community organizing, and other activities as determined by NACA. Counselors need to support and actively promote the organization’s mission, tactics, and advocacy. Such participation in and support of NACA’s aggressive advocacy campaigns and other activities is important in advocating for economic justice and expanding NACA’s Best in America Mortgage and homeownership program.

Position Responsibilities

The Communications Director is charged with setting strategy and overseeing implementation of all NACA’s communications and public relations efforts. These include community and Member engagement, public and media relations campaigns (including identification and pursuit of media contacts), and outreach efforts to promote NACA’s work and elevate its profile online, on tv/radio, and in print.

  • Develop and implement a communications and media strategy. Oversee all aspects of the organization’s communications working with the CEO. Meet ambitious communications and public relations goals nationally and in local markets where NACA operates.
  • Develop NACA’s communication capabilities, infrastructure, and processes. Establish and manage a database of media and public affairs contacts. Enhance and manage NACA’s website and social media communications. Train NACA staff and Members to work with the media and effectively promote NACA, its mission, and campaigns.
  • Manage NACA’s Media outreach efforts. Establish contacts and solid working relationships with national and local media, with additional involvement as needed with politicians, community leaders, and others. Identify and create local and national media and public affairs opportunities and activities for NACA and its staff and Members. Respond to press inquiries, draft press releases and media advisories, and track daily press coverage. Work with NACA’s community organizers and other staff to identify media opportunities to support NACA’s campaigns. Identify and supervise targeted mailings and the distribution of materials and information.
  • Represent NACA publicly. Participate in public hearings, meetings and other activities such as NACA’s advocacy campaigns. Serve as spokesperson, along with CEO Bruce Marks, for NACA on all issues.
  • Help steer the organization. Play a leadership role in the development and implementation of NACA strategy and policy as directed by NACA’s CEO.

Job Qualifications


  • Bachelor’s degree – Required.
  • Advanced degree – Preferred.
  • Certifications, training, and licenses that demonstrate important knowledge and credentials – Preferred.


  • Seven (7+) years leadership experience in the field of communications.
  • A successful record of developing and implementing complex communications and public relations strategies, including campaign experience.
  • Demonstrated background in media and communications planning and a proficiency in leveraging social and traditional media platforms for maximum local and national exposure.
  • Significant leadership and management experience supervising communications professionals and building and aligning a communications team.
  • Demonstrable focus, resilience, and the problem-solving skill to develop solutions under challenging circumstances. The judgment, maturity, and savvy to manage up and down effectively, working and delegating in order to meet aggressive deadlines and ambitious goals.
  • Highly developed interpersonal skills, tenacity, and emotional intelligence, including a demonstrated ability to work under pressure and in a fast-paced environment.
  • Impeccable writing, editing, presentation and oral communication skills, as well as an ability to synthesize and translate complicated information into clear, compelling language.
  • A credible and engaging media presence.
  • Ability to think critically, make decisions, and justify recommendations based on data and analysis. Willingness to think entrepreneurially and creatively.
  • Experience that demonstrates the willingness and ability to work long hours including evenings and weekends with national travel.
  • Background in mortgage industry and/or non-profit helpful, but not required.
  • Ability to write and speak languages other than English, particularly Spanish, is a plus.

NACA seeks leaders with a positive and open attitude, a strong work ethic and relentless commitment to success with attention to detail. Refer to Core Competencies & Skills for details.



Boston, MA (preferred) or Charlotte, NC

Time Demands

The Communications Director must be able to meet the demands of the job that consists of 55+ hours a week.


This is an exempt position with salary based on experience, skills and demonstrated accomplishments.


Comprehensive package: single/family health, vision, dental, 401(k) and more.




To follow-up and for inquiries regarding this and other positions contact NACA’s HR Department at [email protected] or call 617-250-6222 ext. 1221.

NACA is an equal opportunity employer and provides second chance opportunities. Minorities and bilingual people, particularly those who speak Spanish, are strongly encouraged to apply.

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This job description is solely for descriptive purposes and does not constitute a contract for employment.