Largest Affordable Homeownership Event in America Coming to Rochester, NY

Thousands Anticipated to Attend Four-Day Event to Access NACA's Unparalleled Program and America's Best Mortgage

(Rochester, NY) America’s largest affordable homeownership event, the NACA “Achieve the Dream” tour, comes to Rochester beginning Thursday, June 13th through Sunday, June 16th! This four-day, one-stop homeownership event provides on-site pre-approval for NACA’s Best in America Mortgage (no down payment and no closing costs at a below market fixed rate). The event will take place at the Joseph Floreano Convention Center, 123 East Main Street, Rochester, NY 14604, from 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM each day.  

The announcement from NACA CEO Bruce Marks targets the shortage of available affordable housing for homebuyers in Western New York by increasing ownership opportunities through NACA’s Best in America mortgage program. The program’s terms open more ownership opportunities for low and moderate income buyers by breaking down the barriers that prevent many working people from buying a home. The NACA program also features the ability to buy down the rate to virtually zero and no need for perfect credit. 

NACA’s “Achieve the Dream” events have already demonstrated extraordinary success with thousands of pre-approvals across the country during the 16 events conducted since the tour began in February 2018. An estimated five-to-seven thousand people will attend the event, with many receiving mortgage approvals during the run of the event and some even receiving same-day approval.

NACA provides the same terms for all borrowers, many of whom had previously given up on homeownership.  As Forbes magazine observed in their comparison of the best low down payment mortgages, “There is one exception, NACA, that charges the same rate regardless of the credit score”.  Bank of America has committed $10 Billion to the NACA mortgage program nationwide.   

Homebuyers attending the event will meet with a NACA counselor and underwriter who can issue a NACA Qualification on-site or provide them with the next steps in the home buying process. 

NACA founder and CEO Bruce Marks pointed out, “The great advantage to our Achieve the Dream events are the ability to work with thousands of homebuyers in a very short period of time, get many pre-approved for a mortgage with unbeatable terms during the event and help the others take a quantum leap forward in the NACA process.”  

Several Rochester area homeowners who purchased their homes are available to the media and willing to share their stories to emphasize the effectiveness of the NACA program in helping low and moderate income homebuyers achieve the American Dream of homeownership.

The NACA Achieve the Dream event is free and open to the public. While no appointment is necessary and walk-ins are welcome, people attending the event are urged to pre-register due to the expected demand for this event.