Version: 21.2

NACA’s Revitalization Initiative of Communities through Homeownership (“RICH”) Program provides unprecedented opportunities for city residents to purchase the residential buildings and lots owned by the city and affiliated entities.

Reinventing Mortgage Lending

Version: 21.1

The unprecedented NACA model paves the way for affordable homeownership on a large scale, to homebuyers typically locked out of achieving the American Dream.  NACA’s Purchase Program offers extensive counseling and access to NACA’s Best In America Mortgage.  Meaning there is no required no down payment, no closing costs, no PMI, no fees and a below market fixed rate. Additionally, NACA has expanded its Best In America Mortgage with $15 Billion from Bank of America.

HOT PHA (Sec. 8)

Version: 21.2

This document describes how first-time homeowners can utilize their Housing Choice Voucher (“HCV”) to purchase a home of their own through NACA’s home ownership program.