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Member Overview

This section is limited to NACA Members and those in the process of becoming a Member. For NACA Member’s in good standing and those who attended a NACA workshop, you will receive a Membership I.D. number and personalized fax cover sheet. This will give you access to many functions and activities on-line.

NACA Membership
NACA is a membership organization whose mission is to stabilize communities through affordable homeownership and to advocate for economic justice. NACA is open to all community residents. People interested in joining NACA can obtain more information on NACA by attending a NACA Workshop which is free and does not require becoming a NACA Member. You would become a Member in good standing once you submit the signed Membership Agreement, Authorization, Membership Dues, and you adhere to NACA’s requirements. As a Member you would receive all of NACA’s services for free. Members who satisfy the requirements of the NACA Program are eligible to obtain NACA America’s best purchase product for homebuyers or America’s best long-term affordable solutions for homeowners with an unaffordable mortgage. Members are also eligible to receive additional benefits developed by NACA in its effort to bring full economic justice to Members. NACA Membership also requires your participation in support of NACA’s mission in whatever way you feel comfortable.

NACA Membership types
NACA provides an extensive array of benefits to all Members that are specific to where they are in the Purchase or Home Save Programs. NACA encourages others to join NACA by becoming a Community Member where they would receive other benefits and additional ones that NACA will be providing. All such benefits are available to all NACA Members. NACA has three types of Membership.
Membership dues
To become a Member you would need to complete the Membership Agreement, Authorization, be current on your Membership Dues, excluding Home Save participants, and adhere to NACA’s requirements and conditions. There are no Membership Dues or any costs for homeowners in the Home Save Program with all the costs for counseling, credit reports, processing, solutions and all the advocacy provided for FREE. There are Membership Dues for participants in the Purchase Program and for Community Members. Since NACA does not charge Members for its services, NACA raises the money it needs to operate and administer its Programs from mortgage brokerage fees, lenders, servicers, real estate brokerage commissions and Membership Dues. The Membership Dues are a set amount payable annually that covers and includes all residents of a household who are jointly participating in the Purchase program. For household’s Member’s in the Purchase Program or Community Members the dues are $20 for 2009 and cover all aspects of the program and access to all of NACA’s other benefits. For homebuyers who close on a mortgage through NACA, the Membership Dues increase to provide extensive post purchase including financial assistance. This is a replacement for private mortgage insurance which is not a requirement in obtaining a NACA mortgage. For Homeowner Members with NACA’s extraordinary mortgage the Homeowner Member’s membership dues are $50 per month over a period ranging from five to ten years depending on the mortgage amount and includes the financial assistance as part of NACA’s comprehensive post-purchase Membership Assistance Program (MAP). NACA appreciates additional support to continue and expand its programs. Such contributions should be sent to NACA’s national office.

Providing assistance to prevent foreclosures
NACA’s Membership Assistance Program (MAP) provides homeowners with a mortgage through NACA with unprecedented post-purchase support. MAP provides counseling, payment arrangements and financial assistance. The benefits eliminate the need for private mortgage insurance, which provides no benefits and would cost much more than the Homeowner Membership dues. NACA has delegated underwriting from the Participating Lenders’ Loss Mitigation department to work out payment arrangement for NACA Members who are late on their mortgage payments. While the performance of the NACA loans is very good and virtually no one loses their home to foreclosure, support is available for lost jobs, reduced income, medical issues, lost rental income or other problems that prevent the making of the mortgage payment which could result in foreclosure and the loss of the home.

On-line Membership activities
You can move extremely quickly through the NACA program by using our on-line data inputting and automated faxing. The more information you complete on-line the faster you can proceed through the Purchase or Home Save Program. The information provided in the various screens is uploaded into NACA’s database for your Mortgage Consultant to review. In addition, documents faxed to NACA using your personalized fax cover sheet go directly into you electronic file. You can access your status and obtain documents concerning your participation in the Purchase, Home Save or Membership Assistance Program.

Additional Member benefits
NACA’s expansion is focused on both its lending operations and in providing other financial products. With hundreds of thousands of Members and rapidly growing, NACA will be providing additional products and programs for its Members. Just as NACA has established itself as the premier affordable homeownership program, it will provide this same standard for other products. Thus, NACA intends to be the place to go for mortgages, car loans, student loans and other financial products. Financial institutions are seeking NACA’s stamp of approval to access NACA Members. NACA will only provide access to these products that meet our Members’ needs and among the best available.

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