Best in America Mortgage Program Arrives in Brooklyn

The Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America (“NACA”) will be providing Brooklyn residents and home buyers with an incredible opportunity.   Working people will be able to purchase a home with No Down Payment, No Closing Costs, No Application Fees, without perfect credit and at a below market interest rate (currently 5.6% 30yr fixed).

NACA is working together with State Senator John Sampson to make NACA a household word throughout Brooklyn.   While NACA is a well-kept secret in New York, it is well known throughout the country.   With 26 offices from California to Texas to Florida and in 14 other states, NACA is the nations largest housing services organization.   In addition to having America’s best mortgage product, NACA provides individual mortgage counseling to all participants throughout the homebuying process.   As incredible as it sounds, all of NACA’s services are free. 

NACA has $4.3 Billion in committed funds and closes over 300 loans a month.   “The most difficult hurdle to overcome”, states NACA CEO Bruce Marks, “is that the NACA program sounds too good to be true.   The results speak for themselves.   The best testimony are the over ten thousand NACA homeowners who tell their friends and relatives about NACA and who pack the NACA homebuyer workshops every month.  I am particularly excited in returning to Brooklyn after living here for a number of years.  Brooklyn is the center of the world.”

Senator Sampson has embraced the NACA program and is sponsoring several huge workshops on Saturdays in September.   Senator Sampson states “I expect over 500 participants at this workshop.   NACA is a dream come true.   One of the first NACA participants in New York is Dorensa Emanuel, who brought NACA to my attention.   She is purchasing a two family home in Brooklyn with no downpayment and the lender is paying all the closing costs including over $4,000 in City and State mortgage  taxes and their interest rate is 5.25%.   This is as good as it gets.”

For more information on the NACA program access their website at or call their toll free number at 1-888-302-NACA.  

Through aggressive advocacy and top-level services, NACA has become the country’s largest housing services organization.  NACA provides refinancing to predatory lending victims as well as first time homebuyers.  America’s biggest lenders have committed $4.3 Billion in mortgage funding so that NACA can offer its revolutionary program across America.  Call NACA for more information on the NACA Home Save Program, NACA First Time Homebuyers Program, NACA Services, NACA History and NACA’s confrontational advocacy initiatives.