The Membership Assistance Program

The MAP Department is the post end of NACA’s Purchase Program where the NACA experience continues long after you sign closing documents and receive your keys.

The MAP Department consists of MAP Advocates who are assigned to Members that purchased a home using NACA’s Purchase Program.

After closing, a MAP Advocate will contact you and request a moment of your time to complete a brief survey regarding your overall start to finish experience.

The Advocate will provide information about the department and how assistance is provided for members who are having difficulty making their monthly mortgage payments. The Advocate will provide counseling to the member, submit a package and work with the servicer to modify the mortgage, set up payment plans as well as provide other financial assistance as needed.

The Advocate works with members and solicit their support in volunteering with campaigns, events, and other advocacy work throughout the lifetime of the membership.


For assistance or any general questions or concerns regarding your NACA home purchase, please contact a MAP Advocate at (281) 968-6222 ou (425) 602-6222 and press option 3 to speak with the first available MAP Advocate, or send an email to [email protected]