For the First Time Ever Hundreds of Predatory Lending Victims and Activists to Attend Citigroup’s Annual Meeting

(纽约,纽约) 4 月 15 日星期二 at 9:00 a.m. in Carnegie Hall, Sanford Weill, Citigroup’s CEO, will have to respond directly to hundreds of CitiFinancial victims.  This will be the first time that such an interaction will occur inside a corporate annual meeting.  

美国邻里援助公司 (NACA) 组织了 300 多个拥有 CitiFinancial 贷款的家庭从全国各地赶来参加花旗集团的年会。这数百个家庭是对 NACA 向超过 140,000 名 CitiFinancial 借款人的大量邮寄做出回应的数千个家庭中的一部分。这封邮件包括对 CitiFinancial 贷款实践的评估,该评估已成为对掠夺性贷款实践的最全面评估。  


NACA has organized the purchase by three hundred CitiFinancial victims and activists of one share each of Citigroup stock by the record date to attend this years Citigroup annual meeting of their investors and directors.   This will allow hundreds of people opposed to Citigroup’s predatory lending practices and other global issues to be on the inside. 

“The activists and victims for the first time will be on the inside”, states Bruce Marks, NACA CEO.   “Instead of being pushed behind barricades to insulate Sandy Weill from the consequences of his actions, he will interact with the victims and activists face to face.   People are coming in vans driving up to 20 hours from around the country to have the opportunity to hold Sandy Weill accountable for his actions.  They are angry and they want Sandy Weill to hear them, see their family and stop his predatory lending practices.  They will not be denied.”


时间:4 月 15 日,星期二,上午 9:00