SALARY RANGE: $75,000 – $95,000+

FLSA: Exempt

LOCATION: NACA Headquarters – Boston, MA

CONTACT: [email protected]

BENEFITS: Excellent single/family health, vision and dental PPO, 70% employer contribution and 401(k)


The System Administrator is responsible for the day-to-day operation of NACA’s computer networks. They organize, supervise, and oversee the installation and support of NACA’s computer systems, local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), network segments, intranets, and other data communication systems.

System Administrators serve as the primary technical expert in the administration of NACA’s complex network operating systems. System Administrators are responsible for the installation, configuration, administration, monitoring, and security of NACA’s servers and related systems thereby achieving a high degree of performance and reliability of essential business applications.

The System Administrator possesses a thorough understanding of Linux, Microsoft Server, and virtualization technologies. They are responsible for the daily administrative duties involved in supporting, maintaining, monitoring, and configuring servers composed of physical and virtual infrastructure components. Other responsibilities include; the technical planning, implementation, maintenance, and recovery procedures for mission critical enterprise systems.


  • Ensures the availability of client and server applications by configuring new implementations and developing processes and procedures for ongoing management of a virtual environment.
  • 在服务器计算机系统上安装、修改和维护系统和应用软件。
  • 识别、排除故障并解决服务器和工作站上的硬件和软件问题。
  • Plans and implements server upgrades, maintenance fixes, and vendor-supplied security patches.
  • Recommends and executes modifications to the server environment to improve efficiency, reliability, and performance.
  • Performs SAN file system configuration and management tasks.
  • 开发用于备份和恢复服务器操作系统和基于服务器的应用程序的程序、程序和文档。
  • 监控和测试系统安全日志并提供性能统计和报告。
  • Coordinates and collaborates with various departments using business management applications to ensure availability, reliability, scalability, and security of corporate data.
  • 创建、维护和管理 Microsoft Active Directory 用户帐户。
  • Establishes guidelines and methods for the installation and management of network operating systems, disk arrays, switches, routers, backup devices and other components.
  • Ensures high levels of performance and availability of mission critical network resources.
  • 参与结构化布线的安装、升级、诊断和维修。
  • Manages the data center and network host systems including hardware, software, and related equipment.
  • Assists in overseeing the security, integrity, and safety of server and network systems within the data center.
  • 开发和维护培训材料和服务器文档。
  • 与系统管理应用程序的技术发展保持同步,并推荐 NACA 利用新技术的方法。
  • 根据需要执行随叫随到的职责,以支持关键基础设施。
  • 必要时上报业务影响事件。
  • Positions in this category may perform all or some of the responsibilities above, and other related duties as assigned.

Other Activities and Requirements

  • Assist in outreach activities focused on low- and moderate-income communities, churches, job sites, events, etc.
  • Participate in regular trainings.
  • Participate in NACA events and campaigns.
  • 分配的其他职责。

Advocacy in Support of NACA’s Mission

Participate in advocacy campaigns as needed. NACA continues its aggressive advocacy in fighting for economic justice for low to moderate income and people of color by addressing the racial wealth disparity gap and other issues. Employment with NACA requires ongoing participation in NACA’s advocacy, campaigns, outreach, community organizing, and other activities as determined by NACA. This includes supporting and actively promoting NACA’s tactics and mission of fighting for economic justice.  This is also important for NACA’s continued success and in expanding NACA’s purchase and other programs. NACA staff have a tremendous impact on the Members and communities they serve. For more information about NACA or its history and programs, visit


The System Administrator must be able to meet the demands of the job that consists of 50+ hours a week. This is a demanding position requiring dedication and the willingness and ability to work long hours including evenings and weekends. Some national travel is expected.


This is an exempt position with salary range between $75,000 and $95,000 based on experience & skills.   


NACA 寻求具有积极和开放态度、强烈的职业道德和对成功的不懈承诺,注重细节并有能力满足紧迫的截止日期和雄心勃勃的目标的领导者。他/她应该在以下领域拥有高水平的核心能力和技能,包括个人特征和专业经验:沟通、组织技能、专业技能、专业精神、客户服务、时间管理、积极领导、计算机技能和以使命为导向。这 核心能力和技能 详细描述在

Skill Requirements

  1. Strong network administration skills.
  2. Strong organizational and supervisory skills.
  3. NACA 社区倡导、社区稳定和解决抵押贷款歧视的使命的能量和热情。
  4. 掌握方向的能力。
  5. 注重细节,组织良好。
  6. 解决问题的能力。
  7. 在压力下工作的能力。
  8. 能够在一般监督下独立工作。
  9. 作为团队合作者的能力。


  • A degree in Computer Science or related discipline; or equivalent experience and/or Certifications.
  • Five years of work experience in complex systems design, programming and systems software and support.
  • 需要出色的口头和书面沟通技巧,包括冷静礼貌的职业风度。
  • Knowledge of operating systems, current network equipment, and technologies, enterprise backup and recovery procedures, and system performance monitoring tools; effective project management techniques, principles, and practices.
  • Ability to plan, organize and document complex system design activities and to configure systems to be consistent with institutional policies and procedures; communicate technical and complex information both verbally and in writing; establish and maintain cooperation, understanding, trust and credibility; perform multiple tasks concurrently and respond to emergency situations effectively.


Applicants can submit an application by selecting the Apply Button below.

NACA is an equal opportunity employer. Minority and those who speak and write in Spanish, as well as second chance applicants are strongly encouraged to apply. To follow-up and for inquiries regarding this and other positions contact NACA’s HR Department at [email protected].

This job description is solely for descriptive purposes with NACA reserving the right to make unilateral changes to this job description. This does not constitute a contract for employment with employment at NACA on an “at-will” basis.


NACA has more than three million Members and 47 offices. NACA has established an outstanding record of success over four decades for its effective operations and aggressive advocacy against predatory and discriminatory lenders. NACA stands out in the following areas:

  1. Provides the best mortgage in America with no down payment, no closing costs, no fees, no mortgage insurance, at a below market fixed rate without consideration of one’s credit score;
  2. Is the largest and most effective HUD approved counseling organization;
  3. Has been on the forefront of fighting against abusive and discriminatory lending practices; and
  4. Saved more than 500,000 homeowners with an unaffordable mortgage from foreclosure during the mortgage crisis.