Same Day Mortgage Modifications at NACA’s Save the Dream Event in Charlotte Dec. 3rd – 7th

(Charlotte, NC) — While the Obama administration’s plan to help homeowners avoid foreclosure is failing, NACA’s Save the Dream Tour has been one shining light in the mortgage crisis.  At 1:00 p.m. on Tuesday December 1英石 , at NACA’s Counseling Center located at 5855 Executive Center Drive, 2nd Floor,  NACA’s CEO Bruce Marks, along with homeowners previously helped in the program, will announce the Save the Dream Tour’s arrival in Charlotte, North Carolina.

NACA 的“拯救梦想”活动令人难以置信,成千上万的人的抵押贷款支付永久减少超过 $500,许多人每月减少超过 $1,000,利率通常降低到 3% 或 2%,有时还会减少本金。许多将在同一天完成。我们预计在五天内将有超过 50,000 名房主。将有超过 350 名 NACA 顾问为借款人确定负担得起的抵押贷款付款,以及来自所有主要贷方的数百名贷方工作人员来处理和批准解决方案。 NACA 与包括房利美和房地美在内的所有主要贷方/服务商签订了具有法律约束力的合同。 NACA 的所有服务都是免费的。

“NACA has shown that permanent modifications for tens of thousands of borrowers are possible when you provide lenders with the proper tools and require them to make mortgages affordable.” says Bruce Marks NACA CEO.  “President Obama needs to stop pleading, begging, bribing and now shaming the lenders to do what they should be required to do.  We invite the Treasury Department to visit the Charlotte and the New York City event the following week to witness the NACA solution to the foreclosure crisis in person.”.

The Save the Dream event takes place at The Park, formally known as the Merchandise Mart, in Charlotte for five days from Thursday, December 3 through Monday December 7 from 9 am to 8 pm each day.  The tour continues to New York City’s Javits Center from Friday December 11 through Monday December 15.  

The incredible success of NACA and its Save the Dream Tour was featured recently on the CBS Evening News and on ABC’s Nightline as well as on National Public Radio.

All of NACA’s services are free. Homeowners drive and fly from long distances to attend these extraordinary Save the Dream events. Anyone interested in attending the Save the Dream event Thursday December 3rd through Monday the 7th can pre-register at; or register by calling toll-free (888) 499-6222. Walk-ins are welcome.
Founded in 1988, NACA is a national non-profit community advocacy and homeownership organization headquartered in Boston. Through its 38 offices nationwide and two call centers, NACA has set the national standard in restructuring thousands of mortgages to what the homeowners can afford as well as providing the best mortgage in America for homebuyers.

NACA 的计划和宣传的新闻已在国家和地方媒体上发表。 《波士顿环球报》选择美国邻里援助公司 (NACA) 的创始人兼首席执行官布鲁斯·马克斯 (Bruce Marks) 作为其 2007 年度波士顿人。 NACA 倡导的有效性以及为工作人员提供真实、负担得起的房屋所有权解决方案得到了极大的认可。 年度波士顿人。