Homeowners to Invade Capital to Protest Growing Foreclosure Crisis

(WASHINGTON, DC)  On July 9 at 10:30 a.m. at the Capital Hilton Hotel, the Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America (“NACA”) will hold a press conference to kickoff the mortgage independence Event.  Ministers and Clergy together with homeowners will describe this historic event taking place over five days from July 19 through the 23 at the Capital Hilton. 

Hundreds of NACA HUD qualified counselors will provide comprehensive counseling and solutions to thousands of homeowners with an unaffordable mortgage.  NACA will provide permanent solutions NACA offers help, hope, free counseling and mortgage assistance to qualified families. Hundreds of HUD qualified counselors will assist thousands of homeowners seeking to restructure loans to make them affordable. There is no charge. 

Thousands facing home foreclosure will invade the nation’s capitol July 19 to receive free advice and seek solutions from NACA counselors.

Threatened home owners will meet with bipartisan political leaders to bring the real threats against their homes to the attention of Congress.

 “America has become dependent on foreigners to bail us out of this economic mess. Financial institutions depend on interest rate cuts and bailouts and millions of Americans face foreclosure of unfair mortgages,” declares Bruce Marks.  Marks is CEO of NACA, the nonprofit, Boston based Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America that represents 500,000 homeowners. “Sadly, for struggling homeowners, July 4 is “Dependence Day.” Thousands of afflicted homeowners are coming to the nation’s capitol July 19 for practical solutions.  For five days, counselors will help find solutions, doing what Congress and the banks are NOT doing: help fellow Americans in need.”

Homeowners will join together to challenge Members of Congress whose “too little, too late measures” have done little to avert the crisis.  NACA plans to symbolically put the White House in foreclosure to call attention to the Administration’s “50 State Katrina” mortgage catastrophe.

“We are responding to an emergency that is devastating neighborhoods across the country.” Every area is affected” says NACA’s Darren Duarte.  “The causes of this calamity must be exposed and those who can make a difference should be alerted.”

NACA CEO Marks, recently named “Bostonian of the Year” by the Boston Globe, is a national leader in the fight against predatory lenders and the search for economic justice.