Hawaii Homebuyers Access Best in America Mortgage

Major Event to Help Low-To-Moderate Income Earners Buy Homes July 6 – July 10

(Honolulu, HI) On Thursday July 5e at 11:00 a.m. at the Honolulu Convention Center, Local 5 and NACA will showcase NACA’s Achieve the Dream event.  The event begins Friday July 6e through Tuesday July 10e from 6:00 AM – 6:00 PM each day at the Hawaii Convention Center located at 1801 Kalakaua Avenue, Honolulu (click for flyer).

This historic event will provide thousands of Hawaiian homebuyers the opportunity to purchase a home with NACA’s Best in America Mortgage on the following incredible terms: no down payment, no closing costs, at a below market fixed rate and without the need for perfect credit.  The previous Achieve the Dream events have been spectacularly successful with over 5,000 participants at each one and thousands of pre-approvals.   

NACA is the largest HUD non-profit counseling agency and has $13 Billion committed to this extraordinary mortgage. NACA is opening up an office in Hawaii and is committing an initial $100 million for Hawaiian homebuyers.  NACA housing counselors will work with homebuyers to be pre-approved for the NACA Mortgage. Attendees can complete NACA’s four-step pre-qualification process in as little as one day! This event provides low to moderate income Hawaiians achieve the dream of affordable homeownership with NACA.

“NACA’s homeownership program may sound too good but it is the reality for many thousands of NACA homeowners”, said Bruce Marks, CEO and Founder of NACA. “Since NACA is the outgrowth of the of the Boston Hotel Workers Local 26, we are very excited about coming full circle over thirty years with Local 5.”

Gemma Weinstein, President, UNITE HERE Local 5 Hawaii added, “It has really shown that the dream to have a house is huge in Hawaii and this is their chance.”

NACA kicked off their Hawaii effort with a special workshop for Local 5 members on June 14e. The “Achieve the Dream” event is open to all prospective homebuyers in Hawaii.

NACA’s “Best in America Mortgage” offers these exclusive terms:

  • Aucun acompte requis
  • Aucun frais de clôture (prêteur payé)
  • Pas de frais
  • Ratio prêt-valeur -100% pour l'achat et 110% pour les achats avec une cure de désintoxication
  • Aucune considération de pointage de crédit
  • Taux d'intérêt fixe inférieur au marché
  • Durée de 15 ou 30 ans entièrement amortissable
  • Buy-down pour réduire définitivement le taux d'intérêt à pratiquement zéro pour cent 
  • Fonds d'achat et de rénovation disponibles

To register, go to www.naca.com ou appeler 281-968-6222. Les walk-ins sont les bienvenus.

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The Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America (NACA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to economic justice through home ownership and community action. Founded by economic advocate Bruce Marks over thirty years ago, NACA is the largest HUD certified counseling agency with more than two million members nationwide. Through programs such as the Best in America Mortgage and HomeSave, NACA has helped thousands of consumers modify an unaffordable existing home loan or secure a mortgage to purchase a new home. With 50 offices nationwide, NACA pledges a character-based, no fee, no down payment and no closing fee home loan. NACA’s proven process allows low to modest income consumers to realize the American dream of homeownership. Bank of America and CitiMortgage have committed $13 billion to NACA pre-approved mortgage loans. www.naca.com. Event flyer. #AchieveTheDreamNACA


The purpose of this organization shall be to organize all persons working under its jurisdiction; to establish and maintain equitable wage scales and working conditions; to elevate the moral, social and intellectual standing of its members; to guard their financial interests; to promote their general welfare and the Local’s cardinal principles of truth, justice and morality; to secure employment for its members and to uphold the dignity of Labor; and to assist employees in the hotel, motel and restaurant industries in all legitimate ways www.unitehere5.org