L'événement d'accession à la propriété le plus réussi de l'histoire des États-Unis revient à Atlanta

(Atlanta, Géorgie) NACA (Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America), the nation’s largest HUD Certified non-profit, will be conducting its one and only American Dream Tour Event in Atlanta for five days, starting this Friday, May 15e.  The American Dream Tour Event will take place at AmericasMart, Building 3 at 250 Spring Street NW in downtown Atlanta.  Doors will be open from 8:00am to 6:00pm each day.

In spite of suggestions to the contrary, a mortgage crisis still exists in the United States. More than seven years after the housing bubble burst, there are nearly one million homes across the country still in some stage of the foreclosure process and seven million homes still seriously underwater with mortgage balances more than 25% greater than the value of the home.  The NACA American Dream Event is the nation’s largest and most effective homeownership event. NACA has conducted more than 150 such events across the country, resulting in more than a quarter-million homeowners receiving affordable mortgage modifications and saving their homes from foreclosure. 

“Millions of homeowners across the country still have a great need for help, so NACA continues to be relentless in advocating for homeowners” states Bruce Marks, Founder and CEO of NACA. “We do not take no for an answer and encourage the homeowners to continue to advocate. This includes filing complaints with government regulators such as the CFPB to have them monitor the decisions of the lenders.” 

This will be the only opportunity this year for area homeowners facing foreclosure or with unaffordable mortgages to have an opportunity to meet face-to-face with their lender/servicer to obtain a same day affordable solution.  TOUS LES SERVICES NACA SONT GRATUITS. 

NACA’s American Dream Tour event gives homeowners the unique opportunity to meet face to face with their lender along with a NACA advocate to obtain an affordable solution the same day, thanks to the legally binding agreements has with all the major lenders plus investors Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Many homeowners have their interest rate reduced to as low as 2% and possibly receive a principal reduction, saving hundreds and sometimes more than a thousand dollars a month on their mortgage payment. 

This will be NACA’s one and only event in Atlanta during 2015, so it is crucial that everyone in the area take advantage of this opportunity to meet with their lender for a same-day solution to their unaffordable mortgage. 

Les propriétaires avec des prêts de la Bank of America peuvent encore potentiellement bénéficier du règlement hypothécaire de $17 milliards de l'année dernière avec le ministère de la Justice. Les propriétaires ayant contracté des prêts auprès de n'importe quel prêteur majeur peuvent également bénéficier des conditions du règlement hypothécaire national ainsi que d'autres règlements. Puisque tous les services de NACA sont gratuits, les propriétaires ont tout à gagner et rien à perdre.  

NACA’s Purchase Program will also be highlighted at the event, including the game-changing 15-year Freedom Loan introduced last September. This historic mortgage program allows homeowners to build personal wealth rapidly through a shorter term loan that starts with a lower interest rate than a standard 30-year mortgage, plus features an aggressive interest rate buy down feature that allows the interest rate to be lowered to virtually zero.  

Just as with NACA’s 30-year mortgage, home buyers who qualify at the event for NACA’s Le meilleur prêt hypothécaire aux États-Unis do so with no down payment, no closing costs, no points or fees. Everyone receives a below market interest rate without consideration of their credit score, but based on their individual circumstances. Homeowners and homebuyers can again realize the dream of affordable homeownership.

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