The Boston Globe

Lender Settles Suit With New Mortgage Plan

Associates First Capital Corp., also known as The Associates, faced with two class-action lawsuits filed Friday in Massachusetts and California, agreed to a new mortgage policy following a marathon weekend...

The Dallas Morning News

Activist Targets Associates Meeting

Boston community activist and NACA CEO Bruce Marks applies pressure to hold predatory lender accountable.

The Boston Globe

Activist Seen Target In Push For Banking Bill

More than five years following NACA's campaign against Fleet Financial Group, a prominent Senator tries to take on NACA CEO Bruce Marks Community Reinvestment Act.

Business Journal

‘Banking Terrorist’ Out to Make Loans Easier

Boston based housing advocacy group has opened an office in Memphis, TN, with plans to make homeowners of Memphians who otherwise couldn't accomplish that goal.

Business Journal

NACA Loan Program Draws 1,000+ Applicants

At a June 23 rally for the Neighborhood Assistance Corp. of America, Boston housing activist Bruce Marks gave Hugh McColl Jr. a door-knocker as a symbol of the group's plans...