O maior rally de proprietários de casas do país

(Boston, MA) – The country’s largest private sector housing initiative with mortgages that require no down payment, no closing costs and have liberal underwriting guidelines is celebrating this tremendous program with a home ownership rally on October 12º at 11:00 a.m. at the First Iconium Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia.  

The Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America (NACA), a non-profit organization, is sponsoring this event with thousands of low- and moderate-income people.   This will be the largest home ownership rally in U.S. history.   

“NACA has revolutionized mortgage lending,” states Bruce Marks NACA Executive Director, “The NACA program makes the dream of home ownership come true for working people by overcoming the roadblocks of little savings, not perfect credit, and lack of trust in the process.  The response from residents of Metro Atlanta has been incredible and will propel this program to be the national standard.”  

The Reverend Graylan Ellis-Hagler, NACA’s Development Director, believes that Atlanta is the right place for the celebration of the NACA program.  “It is fitting that Atlanta, the birthplace of the modern civil rights movement, should also be the site of NACA’s home ownership rally.  The NACA housing program is a major step in the campaign for economic inclusion.”


NACA has established offices in seven states with commitments of over $1.1 Billion from major national lenders such as NationsBank, Fleet and First Union.  To date over 2,000 people have purchased homes through NACA’s unprecedented program.   In addition, NACA continues to be in the forefront in fighting discriminatory and predatory lending practices.

O programa NACA oferece a melhor oportunidade de compra de casa própria para os trabalhadores, sem pagamento inicial, sem custos de fechamento e subscrição liberal. Os principais credores se comprometeram $1.1 bilhões to this unprecedented program.   Already over 2,000 people have purchased homes in the seven states where NACA has offices.