Bank of America and NACA To Announce Historic Mortgage Commitment

Unveiling State of the Art Technology to Implement Nationwide Commitment

(Boston, MA) At 3:00 p.m. on Monday, January 12th at NACA’s National Office, 3593 Washington St., Jamaica Plain, MA, Bank of America’s CEO, Ken Lewis and NACA’s CEO, Bruce Marks will announce an historic mortgage commitment – the largest such commitment in history.   Also participating will be politicians, including Mayor Menino, community leaders and homeowners.  

The Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America (NACA), a non-profit housing services and community advocacy organization, will unveil the NACA-lynx, its state-of-the-art online software.  The NACA-lynx is a high-tech, paperless process that transcends a simple approval or rejection based on a credit score.  It provides NACA’s Housing Consultants with the tools necessary to guide borrowers—even those with severe credit issues—through to the ultimate goal of home ownership.

“I am looking forward to personally making this announcement and providing information on the NACA/Bank of America program. The program enables Bank of America to expand its reach and provide mortgages to more low- and moderate-income families,” said Kenneth D. Lewis, Bank of America chief executive officer.

”We are extremely pleased to welcome Ken Lewis and Bank of America to New England and to host their first community event, ” said Bruce Marks, NACA chief executive officer. “Bank of America has set a standard of stabilizing neighborhoods and maximizing homeownership opportunities for working people and it is a standard that will benefit communities and individuals throughout New England. ”

This will be a unique opportunity for New England’s decision makers and community leaders to interact with the leaders of the largest banking network in America.