Rehab Mortgage Program

Version: 23.3

NACA’s Rehab Mortgage product is for the purpose of making a homeowner’s property safe and habitable. Homeowners needing significant repairs can access NACA’s Best in America mortgage. Whether a refinance of an existing mortgage or a homeowner without an existing mortgage, funds would be available after the closing to make the repairs.  The repairs should address code, safety, structural and other significant issues.

Qualification Workbook

Version: 24.1

NACA Purchase Program overview, guidelines and criteria for becoming qualified for NACA’s Best in America Mortgage

Mortgage Calculator

Version: 22.9

The Mortgage Calculator is crucial in determining the mortgage amount based on an affordable monthly mortgage payment.  NACA’s Counselors work with members to prepare them for homeownership including determining an affordable mortgage payment consisting of the principal, interest, taxes, insurance and HOA.  While the maximum affordable mortgage payment does not change, the mortgage amount is dependent on NACA’s current below market interest rate and the particular property’s taxes, insurance and HOA. Thus, the Mortgage Calculator is the place to determine whether a particular property is affordable based on the Member’s affordable mortgage payment

Homebuyer Workshop Presentation

Presented during NACA Homebuyer Workshops. The goal of this workshop is for you to understand what is required to become NACA Qualified. Once NACA Qualified you are pre-approved for NACA’s Best in America Mortgage.

Version: 24.1

Homeownership Opportunity Program

Version: 22.0

Learn about NACA’s four major homeownership programs: NACA Purchase Program with the Best Mortgage in America, HOT-PHA using the section 8 housing choice voucher for the mortgage payment, One Dollar program for homebuyers to purchase a property from a city with NACA providing the funds for renovation, and NACA doing housing development in partnership with a city.

Reinventing Mortgage Lending

Version: 19.3

NACA has created a model that is providing unprecedented affordable homeownership on a large scale, to homebuyers who have been traditionally locked out of achieving this American Dream.

HOT PHA (Sec. 8)

Version: 22.6

This document describes how first-time homeowners can utilize their Housing Choice Voucher (“HCV”) to purchase a home of their own through NACA’s home ownership program.

NACA Daily Expense Diary

Version: 21.1

The Daily Expense Diary will help you identify expenses that are likely to occur on a weekly basis and may add up substantially. You may be surprised by your actual expenditures and learn how to manage your money better.

NACA Budget Worksheet

Version: 22.2

The Budget Worksheet is a critical factor in determining your affordable mortgage payment. The Budget Worksheet should be completed prior to you counseling session.

NACA Member’s Initial Assessment

Version: 21.1

The Member’s Initial Assessment is used to determine the members maximum mortgage payment as the first in the homebuying process.

Qualification Workbook – Español

Version: 23.1

Descripción general del programa de compra de NACA, pautas y criterios para calificar para la mejor hipoteca de NACA en América

Purchase Workbook

Version: 23.1

For NACA Qualified Members, this Purchase Workbook is your resource guide that details the housing search and mortgage process.

Appraisal Disputes

Version: 19.1

Appraisal Dispute Process

Rehab Disclosure

Version: 6.1

Member Rehabilitation Disclosure & Agreement

NACA Program Performance

Version: 14.1

3rd party analysis of NACA’s Purchase and Home Save program processes and Purchase Mortgage Product Comparison, Rate Buy-Down Feature, and Portfolio Performance Analysis