NACA Overview

Version: 15.1

NACA Overview: Learn about the NACA Mortgage, Housing Search, Mortgage Process

Qualification Workbook

Version: 20.1

NACA Purchase Program overview, guidelines and criteria for becoming qualified for NACA’s Best in America Mortgage

Qualification Workbook – Español

Version: 19.3

Descripción general del programa de compra de NACA, pautas y criterios para calificar para la mejor hipoteca de NACA en América

Homebuyer Workshop Presentation

Version: 20.1

Presented during NACA Homebuyer Workshops. The goal of this workshop is for you to understand what is required to become NACA Qualified. Once NACA Qualified you are pre-approved for NACA’s Best in America Mortgage.

Purchase Workbook

Version: 19.1

For NACA Qualified Members, this Purchase Workbook is your resource guide that details the housing search and mortgage process.

HOT PHA (Sec. 8)

Version: 17.5

This document describes how first-time homeowners can utilize their Housing Choice Voucher (“HCV”) to purchase a home of their own through NACA’s home ownership program.

Appraisal Disputes

Version: 19.1

Appraisal Dispute Process

Rehab Disclosure

Version: 6.1

Member Rehabilitation Disclosure & Agreement

NACA Program Performance

Version: 14.1

3rd party analysis of NACA’s Purchase and Home Save program processes and Purchase Mortgage Product Comparison, Rate Buy-Down Feature, and Portfolio Performance Analysis

NACA Daily Expense Diary

Version: 21.1

The Daily Expense Diary will help you identify expenses that are likely to occur on a weekly basis and may add up substantially. You may be surprised by your actual expenditures and learn how to manage your money better.

NACA Budget Worksheet

Version: 21.1

The Budget Worksheet is a critical factor in determining your affordable mortgage payment. The Budget Worksheet should be completed prior to you counseling session.

NACA Member’s Initial Assessment

Version: 21.1

The Member’s Initial Assessment is used to determine the members maximum mortgage payment as the first in the homebuying process.