NACA works with thousands of real estate agents nationwide. NACA has established an extremely effective program to return home buyers to the real estate agents who refer them to NACA. NACA wants to ensure that your client has the time to become NACA Qualified (i.e. mortgage ready) and then would be in the best position to work with you. Once your client is NACA Qualified they will attend a NACA Purchase Workshop. They will then be referred back to you and ready for the housing search knowing what they can afford and the next steps in the home buying process. NACA does not charge you a fee and does not reduce your real estate commission.

This process is accomplished by referring them to NACA prior to them attending a NACA Workshop. The referral to NACA must be through the website. If the homebuyer has not previously been involved with NACA, they will be referred back to you when they are NACA Qualified. The NACA Qualification means that the Member is mortgage ready and virtually 100% of the Members we submit to the lenders are approved and funded. NACA also provides you with on-line update of your clients as described below.

Real estate agent registration with NACA

Real estate agents who want to refer clients to NACA need to register. It is a very easy process and once registered we can provide you updates on the clients you have referred. Go to Not Registered, sign up, complete Realtor Information and create a password then submit. Go back to login page, select already registered option and login using your email address along with the password you created. If you forget, click on “Forgot Password”. You will need to type in your user name, which is your email address, and your password will be sent to you. You will need to sign-in to do any of the following: Register a client with NACA, access information on your registered clients, change your password, and update your information.

Register your clients with NACA

The agent must upload a buyer representation agreement via Website Agent Portal to register a client. There are 2 different options to upload the agreement depending whether the client has a NACA ID. For clients who do not have a NACA ID and have not attended a homebuyer workshop, Input the following client’s information: name, address, phone numbers, email and last four digits of their social security number. If they do not have one, you need to input the last four digits of their tax I.D and your real estate company buyer representation agreement. For clients that have completed the homebuyer workshop and have a NACA ID, go to upload document, select Rep Agreement from the drop-down menu. Input NACA ID and first 3 letters of members last name. Choose file and input agreement date, expiration date, terminate anytime and select submit. Your client will be registered and added to your client list and you will receive status updates.

Buyer Representation Agreements

NACA’s services are meant to be free. Real Estate Agents charging fees in addition to the commission earned from sales transactions, is prohibited by NACA. A contract will not be accepted if the following applies:

  • Broker Fees passed on to the member
  • Transaction fees
  • Retainer Fees
  • Non-Profit Process Fees
  • If additional commission charged above the amount the seller is paying stated in the MLS

NACA Referrals to Real Estate Agents

NACA has many qualified (i.e. mortgage ready) buyers. When our in-house agents are not able to handle the large numbers of Members, we refer the Qualified Members to outside real estate agents. There are many agents who want to be a NACA Referral agent. We have a limited number in order to provide them with a consistent number of NACA Qualified Members. We select the Referral Agents based on the quality of services they provide our Members and the number of people they refer to NACA.

To request being a referral agent, the Referral Agent Agreement needs to be completed and emailed to NACA’s Real Estate Department at [email protected]. As per the agreement, NACA receives 35% of the buyer’s or seller’s agent portion of the commission (i.e. not the listing portion) at the loan closing. Questions concerning becoming a Referral Agent or concern with your referrals, call 425-519-6222 or email [email protected].