As part of NACA’s ongoing effort to better serve our members, we have developed specialized software for our home inspections. After extensive research, we have contracted with HomeGauge to provide this software program. It is the best in the business and has the flexibility to meet NACA’s requirements.

NACA requires all inspections for NACA Members to use the HomeGauge software. The information from the home inspection report is uploaded into our software system (NACA-Lynx) for NACA’s rehab department (“HAND”) to review. Since NACA requires this software to do an inspection for NACA Members, we provide the software for free. The cost outside of NACA is over $1,000.

NACA limits the number of home inspectors Members can utilize. We are looking for home inspectors who do quality work, work in low and moderate income communities, and provide competitive pricing. NACA does a large number of inspections so registered inspectors receive a significant amount of business. In order to become a NACA registered Home Inspector you need to complete the information in the next step. You can test the HomeGauge software below and access more information about it.

If you are having difficulty with the software you can call HomeGauge at (877) 274-4299, email NACA at [email protected] or call NACA’s HAND Department at (877) 952-6222.

Not a NACA’s home inspector? Follow the instructions below to register with NACA.

Information for Prospective Home Inspectors

Please download and read the following introduction letter. This document contains important information about what is expected of NACA Home Inspection partners.

Download NACA HAND Introduction Letter (PDF Format)

You will also need to download and install the NACA Home Inspection Software by HomeGauge. This software allows you to prepare paperless home inspections and send them electronically to NACA.

Finally, you will need to complete a form for our internal database that tells us about you and your firm. Click “Next Step” below to complete the necessary form. If you would like to review the software and documentation prior to completing the form, you are welcome to come back to this page later.