NACA Modular Homes

NACA is building affordable beautiful high-quality factory-built homes.  These will cost between $120,000 to $150,000.  With the NACA mortgage, homeowner’s mortgage will likely be less than their rent. 

Voter Registration

NACA is one of the top facilitators in the country in registering voters.  This is crucial for NACA’s continued success and in having politicians who support and fight for economic justice.  NACA Members can achieve their annual participation requirement by registering 20 people. 

Map Your Area

NACA is creating detailed maps of who owns every property in certain areas.  For example, we have documented the ownership of every one of the 2,538,691 properties in Massachusetts and in Houston.  More to come.

Economic Justice Loans

NACA is providing loans to small businesses up to $15,000 with a three percent interest rate.  These are called Economic Justice loans that focus on impacting areas needing revitalization. 

Housing Energy Efficiency Assistance

NACA is assisting homeowners and renters with reducing the energy usage and cost.  This includes a free energy audit and grants for insulation, heat pumps, and more.  We are starting in Massachusetts and expanding nationwide.