The mortgage crisis is the result of unbelievable greed and exploitation by Wall Street and the largest financial institutions. While the major lenders in America and the world try to blame the homeowners, it is clear that they provided mortgages to working people that were structured to fail.

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Divest from Wells Fargo

With your help, we can make Wells Fargo a more responsible and accountable financial institution.

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Invitation Tenants

There are tens of thousands of us being taken advantage of. Together we can take on Invitation Homes and END their predatory behavior.

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NAC’s are neighborhood associations led by NACA members in their community. Neighbors organize to address and resolve issues for the betterment of the community. Come together      and take a stand for change in your neighborhood.

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"If there is no struggle, there is no progress...power concedes nothing without a demand." FREDERICK DOUGLASS

NACA Campaigns History

NACA began in 1988 in Boston as the Union Neighborhood Assistance Corporation (UNAC). Its roots go back to the Hotel Workers Union – Local 26, an activist union that won and established the country’s first housing trust fund for union members. Learning from that experience, NACA employed the union’s activist tactics to confront lenders who were engaged in discriminatory and predatory lending practices.

Starting in the 1990s NACA led the fight against predatory lending and coined the term “Predatory Lending.”

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NACA’s success has been the result of the active participation          and relentless advocacy of its members over the years.

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Naca Action Committee (NAC) in your neighborhood

JUL 22, 2020