Naca's Best in America Mortgage

NACA is the best purchase program in America. NACA provides both comprehensive housing counseling and access to an incredible mortgage. NACA has over $20 Billion committed from some the country's largest lenders with everyone receiving four extraordinary terms:

No Down Payment
No Closing Costs
No Fees
Below Market Fixed Rate
Today's Rates

For low-to-moderate income people and communities. Details

4.75% 30-year fixed APR 3.875% 15-year fixed APR

* HIGHER INCOME PEOPLE: 5.75%, 30-Year Fixed APR; 4.875%, 15-Year Fixed APR.

Purchase Areas

NACA’s mission is to provide affordable homeownership to low-to-moderate-income people and communities. Thus, access to NACA’s Best in America Mortgage is limited to low-to-moderate income people (“Priority Members”) and people purchasing in low-to-moderate income communities (“Priority Areas”). NACA’s eligibility is based on the median family income for a Metropolitan Statistical Area (“MSA”). Since NACA offices service a few MSAs each with different median incomes, you may be a Priority Member in one MSA and not in another. Also, check with the local NACA office to verify the purchase eligibility criteria, since there may be local adjustments to achieve NACA’s mission and affordable outcomes.

Your purchase price plus any repair escrow funds (i.e. funds for repairs to be completed after closing) cannot exceed your approved Maximum Mortgage Amount or NACA’s current maximum loan amount limits. The current limits are $484,350 for a single-family home in most areas and $726,525 in high cost areas with considerably higher amounts for multi-family properties.

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Your First Steps to Homeownership


Step 1

Attend A NACA Homebuyer Workshop

The first step to purchasing a home through NACA is to attend a free NACA Homebuyer Workshop. Learn about NACA, our Best in America's Mortgage and requirements for NACA Qualification.

Attend A Workshop

Step 2

Prepare Your Web-File for Your First Appointment With A NACA Counselor

After attending the Homebuyer Workshop, you will need to access your individual Web-File to complete basic information and provide documentation. Schedule an appointment with a NACA counselor in your Web-File or call the local NACA office.

Schedule an Appointment

Step 3

Fulfill Qualification Requirements For The NACA Mortgage

Work with your counselor to improve your financial management, document your readiness for homeownership and determine an affordable mortgage payment - Become NACA Qualified

Step 4

Attend A NACA Purchase Workshop And Find A Home

Once NACA Qualified, attend a Purchase Workshop to learn from a NACA In-House real estate agent ("IHA") the best practices in the housing search, how to address property issues and the NACA's mortgage process. You can sign-up with the NACA IHA to represent you in your housing search. You will receive your NACA Qualification letter and Affordability form after completing this step.

Step 5

Complete your Credit Access and Submit the Bank Application

Once you have an executed Purchase & Sales Contract, provide updated documents to your mortgage counselor to be approved for NACA Credit Access. After approval, we will submit your bank application electronically to obtain NACA's Best in America Mortgage.

Step 6

Obtain lender approval and closing on your home

The lender will provide updated status of your loan process and outstanding conditions through your web-file for which you need to respond to immediately. Your mortgage counselor will work with you to address loan conditions or resolve issues. A NACA closing coordinator will assist you with the final closing requirements and closing in the NACA office.

We are committed to working with all homebuyers until they succeed in purchasing an affordable home

Mortgage Calculator (Estimate)

The calculator below will give you an idea of the following: 1) Maximum Purchase Price based on your desired monthly mortgage payment; or 2) Monthly Mortgage Payment based on your desired purchase price. Your maximum mortgage amount with the NACA Mortgage combines the purchase price and any rehab escrow which cannot exceed the conforming loan limit of $484,350 in most areas and $726,525 in high cost areas with considerably higher amounts for multi-family properties. Also, your income determines where you can purchase as per NACA’s eligibility requirements.






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