NACA has established a PAC called Economic Justice for All (“EJ PAC”) to promote affordable homeownership and economic justice. EJ PAC supports only candidates who commit to fight for affordable education, environmental justice including addressing the climate crisis, well-paying jobs, and of course affordable homeownership. EJ PAC supported candidates commit to the following housing pledge:

  1. Support Affordable homeownership.
    This includes supporting NACA’s Best in America Mortgage and making its outstanding terms the national standard without consideration of one’s credit score:
    1. No down payment
    2. No closing costs
    3. No fees
    4. No Mortgage Insurance
    5. Below Market Fixed Rate
  2. Stop and/or Hold Accountable Corporate Investors.
    Corporate investors are purchasing homes, particularly in majority minority communities, and renting these homes at high rents. These wealthy investors, hedge funds and others, use their massive amount of cash to outbid homebuyers in purchasing these homes. This practice nationwide continues to widen the wealth disparity gap particularly with people of color. These massive corporate landlords need to be held accountable and forced to divest some of their properties to homebuyers.
  3. Provide Affordable Homeownership for People with a Section 8/Housing Choice Voucher
    Support NACA’s HOT-PHA (Homeownership through Public Housing Assistance) Program that provides unprecedented homeownership opportunities for working people receiving income support through a Section 8/Housing Choice Voucher. The Payment Standard made to the landlord would go to towards the mortgage accessing NACA’s Best in America Mortgage with a below market 20-year fixed interest rate. In twenty years or less the homeowner would own their home without a mortgage payment and without the assistance of the voucher.
  4. One-Dollar Program
    Cities and towns sell their vacant lots and homes to homebuyers for one-dollar. NACA provides the funds to renovate the property or finance the new construction through its Best in America mortgage. This eliminates the developer with their often excessive fees and profits. The homes would be available to low- and moderate-income buyers with a priority for the long-term community residents.
  5. Enforcement of Building Codes
    Many tenants are subjected to poor housing conditions by landlords who do not maintain their properties but charge high rents. Building codes must be enforced to hold to have high quality affordable rental units.

Paid for by Economic Justice for All,, and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.