Day of Action Against Ford Motor Company

(Boston, MA) – On Wednesday September 10th, the Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America (NACA) will initiate a day of confrontations against Ford for its predatory lending practices.  

Ford, as the largest home equity lender in the country, has victimized hundreds of thousands of people throughout the country.  Demonstrations and actions will be held at Ford dealerships, Hertz agencies (Ford owns Hertz), and the targeting of Ford officials and representatives. People will also participate at the Federal Court Hearing on the fairness of the class action lawsuit that sells out the victims.

Hundreds of people will be converging on Boston, including Ford victims from North Carolina, Ohio, Washington, New York and elsewhere, to expose Ford’s dark side.    People will be traveling all day and night, arriving early in the morning to participate in actions to show Ford that its victims are no longer alone and can no longer be intimidated. 

“Ford has been an equal opportunity exploiter,” states Bruce Marks, NACA Executive Director. “They target people who are vulnerable, latch onto them and never let go until they are financially devastated or they lose their home.  The intense anger people feel against Ford will now be directed towards Ford, its subsidiaries and the people who are doing the bidding for Ford.”

On Wednesday September 10th in Boston, NACA will escalate the campaign against Ford by confronting them wherever they do business. The intensity and scope will be in proportion to Ford’s massive lending abuses.


  • Federal Court House, Post Office Square, 12 Floor at 2:00 p.m.
  • Ford dealership actions – throughout the day.
  • Hertz Agency – throughout the day.
  • Targeting Ford officials and representatives – contact NACA at 617-267-1144.