Dozens Waiting in Line as Final day of NACA’s Achieve the Dream Event Opens in Miami

Approximately 7,500 Seen So Far, Many Already Approved For Best In America Mortgage

(Miami, FL) The final day of NACA’s five-day “Achieve the Dream” homeownership event opened the same way as all four previous days, with lines of people waiting to be approved for homeownership with the best terms in America. 

Monday is the fifth and final day for the Achieve the Dream event presented by NACA (Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America), the nation’s largest HUD certified, non-profit housing counseling and community advocacy organization. The massive homeownership opportunity is taking place at the DoubleTree Hotel at the Miami Airport convention Center, 711 NW 72nd Ave. in Miami through 8:00 pm today.


Once again, every NACA counselor and underwriter on hand at the event was working one-on-one with a homebuyer within a half hour of the doors opening, while others waited patiently nearby for their opportunity, and others still attended workshops that are the first step into the NACA program.

NACA program provides unprecedented homeownership opportunities through its one-stop operation at the event. Low to moderate income homebuyers especially benefit with NACA’s Best in America mortgage that requires no down payment, no closing costs, no PMI, at a below-market fixed rate and without consideration of a homebuyer’s credit score.  The interest rate is 3.125% APR for 30-year fixed and 2.625% APR 15-year fixed (as of 1/27/2020).  As Forbes magazine noted, every lender with a low down payment mortgage charges a different interest rate depending on the borrowers circumstances. Forbes went on to write, “There is one exception, NACA, that charges the same rate regardless of the credit score”.  Bank of America has committed $10 Billion to the NACA mortgage.  NACA counselors and underwriters will be on-site at the event to approve many homebuyers in one day for the NACA Mortgage.

Many who received NACA’s pre-qualification are now on their way to becoming first-time homebuyers, and some will be the first person in their family to ever own their own home, with unbeatable terms on a mortgage they can genuinely afford

“It may sound too good to be true”, states Bruce Marks, NACA’s CEO and founder, “but NACA has a tremendous track record of unprecedented success with more than 75,000 NACA homeowners and one of the lowest foreclosure rates, we have demonstrated that working people with limited savings make their mortgage payments.  As good as it sounds, it is even better, which is why thousands of homebuyers attend each of our Achieve the Dream events. The NACA program is reinventing mortgage lending in this country. The Achieve the Dream events are an event that has to be seen to be believed.”   

Achieve the Dream events across the country have destroyed the myth that it is not possible to lend on affordable terms to low-to-moderate income and minority individuals. The Achieve the Dream event is open to all prospective homebuyers and all current homeowners who have an unaffordable mortgage.

NACA services are free of charge and walk-ins are welcome. (click for CNBC’s story on NACA’s previous Miami event in 2018