Houstonians’ Lives Changed by NACA’s Best in America Mortgage Program

(Houston, TX) Houstonians have had more than their share of housing troubles over the past decade. The Great Recession and the mortgage crisis, Hurricane Harvey and an influx of new residents have combined to create a tight housing market. Most severely affected are low to moderate income homebuyers.  The tight lending requirements and large down payments has made this a housing crisis.  

NACA is the one organization that has broken through the barriers to make home ownership possible for working people. NACA with its fifty offices nationwide including Houston, Dallas and San Antonio, has made affordable homeownership a reality for thousands of primarily low-to-moderate income people with its best mortgage in America: no down payment, no closing costs, no PMI and without the consideration of one’s credit score. Everyone receives the same below-market interest rate as noted by Forbes Magazine in their comparison of the best low down payment mortgages “There is one exception, NACA, that charges the same rate regardless of the credit score”.   

NACA, which is the largest non-profit HUD certified organization, will be conducting a massive homeownership event from Thursday March 21st through Sunday March 24th at the Greenspoint Mall for thousands of homebuyers. All participants will receive comprehensive counseling and access to NACA’s Best in America mortgage with Bank of America committing $10 Billion to this one extraordinary mortgage product.  

The program is the creation of NACA Founder and CEO Bruce Marks, who has been at the forefront of the fight for economic justice through affordable homeownership since starting NACA more than thirty years ago. “NACA has made the dream of affordable homeownership a reality for more than 60,000 families on the best mortgage terms possible,“ states Bruce Marks. As good as the program sounds, it is even better.  Homebuyers can reduce their fixed interest rate to almost zero percent, purchase and renovate property, buy a multi-family, new construction or existing. NACA is one of the few bright lights in the housing market.  By seeing the examples below of people who thought owning a home was the impossible dream before NACA, one can understand why I have the best job in America.”


Jose Amezcua is the sole breadwinner for his family of five and has often worked two jobs to make ends meet. Having never been able to save enough money for a down payment, he believed like everyone in his family before him that he could never own a home.  That outlook changed when he heard about NACA’s program featuring no down payment and no closing costs.

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Amezcua now owns a 1,750 square-foot three-bedroom, two bathroom Pasadena brick home with a fireplace, fenced-in back yard, 2 car garage and other features. The incredible 0.125% fixed interest rate gives him a very affordable monthly payment of just under $1,000 that includes taxes and insurance and makes him the first person in his family to own his own home.

Maria Anaya’s income is less than half the median amount for the Houston area. She was another who, like many working people, believed they would never be able to buy a home, especially after a divorce left her and her daughter on their own.   She declared, “I’m a single parent, self-employed and never thought I would be a homeowner.”  

After saving for three years to take advantage of NACA’s interest rate buy down program, she purchased her northeast Houston home, also with an amazing 0.125% fixed interest rate. She also now is a homeowner with a payment $350 per month Less than she was paying in rent.

Chemmis Porter had grown tired of moving. They had relocated to Houston from Chicago, where they had moved to from New Orleans as refugees in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. “I knew nothing about how to own my own home. I was tired of renting and having issues with my upstairs neighbors and the noise over my head. I heard about the NACA program and came to a workshop. NACA educated me on how to eliminate debt in order to become a homeowner. I followed the instructions and I am proud to say that I was able to get a home for my family.”

Their 3.625% fixed rate loan through the NACA program helped them obtain a home in an area they liked that was also convenient to the Katy Freeway. Three bedrooms and two-and-a-half baths will work well for their growing family, and the fenced-in yard will provide a safe place for their children to play.

These Houston homeowners and hundreds more have achieved the American Dream of homeownership thanks to the NACA program. For example:

  • Madeline Goshay came to NACA as a “boomerang buyer”, someone who had lost their previous home to foreclosure. NACA helped her return to home ownership with a 3.625% fixed rate.
  • Davian Smith had set for himself a goal to become a homeowner before the age of 30. In spite of a below-average income and significant student debt, he reached his goal at 29 with a 2.125% interest rate because of the NACA program.
  • Alexandria McMillian is a single parent who combined a grant from the City of Houston with the NACA program to buy a home for herself and her son in southeast Houston with a rate of 3.375%
  • Eliud Sierra is a food service worker for the Houston Independent School district, whose income is less than one third of the median household income for the Houston metropolitan area. His 0.0625% interest rate made homeownership possible for him with a payment of just $700 that included principal, interest, taxes and insurance. 
  • Sandra Santiago is a single mother who escaped an abusive relationship and established both personal and financial security for herself by becoming a homeowner with a 1.75% interest rate through the NACA Program.

They are just a few of the hundreds in the Houston area whose lives have been dramatically changed for the better by achieving the American Dream of homeownership through the NACA program.  These homeowners and many others are available for interviews in advance of NACA’s Achieve the Dream Event, which takes place March 21-24 at the Greenspoint Mall. Please contact NACA Media Coordinator Tim Trumble at 671-947-2632 or CEO Bruce Marks at 617-250-6244 for more information and to arrange interviews.