NACA Holds Press Conference for Save the Dream Tour Coming to Los Angeles Beginning Thursday Sept. 24th

NACA’s Save the Dream event provides same day solutions to thousands of homeowners, helping to avoid foreclosure, restructure mortgages and reduce interest rates to as low as 2%

(Los Angeles, CA) The Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America (NACA) is bringing its nationwide Save the Dream tour to the Los Angeles Convention Center for five days, from Thursday, September 2 through Monday, September 28, 2009.  Before the event gets underway, NACA will hold a press conference at the LA Convention Center, Hall K, on Wednesday, September 23 at 2:00 p.m. (PDT).  The press conference will feature NACA CEO Bruce Marks and homeowners who have already been helped by NACA’s Save the Dream program.  It will also showcase this unprecedented mobile servicing operation with over 300 counselors providing same day solutions.

NACA provides the most effective solution for at-risk homeowners with an unaffordable mortgage by permanently reducing the interest rate, often to 4%, 3% and 2%, and if necessary reducing the outstanding principal to what the homeowner can afford.  NACA can do this because it has secured legally binding agreements with all the major lenders and servicers, which covers 90% of the at-risk homeowners.

Over 180,000 participants have already participated in NACA’s first Save the Dream tour this summer in Cleveland (35,000), Chicago (45,000), St. Louis (40,000) and Atlanta (60,000), providing same day solutions to thousands of homeowners, helping to avoid foreclosure, restructure mortgages, and reduce interest rates.  Click here for media coverage from all the previous events.

The incredible success of NACA was also featured recently on national television.  Click here to view ABC News Nightline feature on NACA’s Save the Dream tour.  The feature went on the frontlines with NACA CEO Bruce Marks, “A man trying to restore the American Dream.”

All of NACA’s services are free.  Homeowners drive and fly long distances to attend these extraordinary Save the Dream events. NACA has over 500 staff and volunteers who put in long hours and lots of hard work to help so many homeowners save their dream.