New Homeowners Gather to Celebrate Success Through NACA Program

(Baton Rouge, LA) A group of local residents will gather at a special celebration just before Christmas to acknowledge reaching the goal of home ownership they once thought was unattainable until they learned of one non-profit’s game-changing mortgage program.

Roughly two dozen homeowners from the Baton Rouge area will meet at the local office of NACA, the Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America, on Wednesday, December 23rd at 4pm for a unique holiday party that will acknowledge their individual achievement in securing their part of the American Dream. Each has become a homeowner through the NACA Purchase Program. Many of them thought they would never qualify to buy their own home until finding out about NACA’s one-of-a-kind mortgage counseling and character-based lending program.

“We are proud of each and every one of the new homeowners we help to create”, according to Nyanza Lynn Riley, the Regional Supervisor for NACA. “The NACA program is all about creating affordable and responsible home ownership opportunities, and these homeowners have set a great example of just what can be achieved when working through our program.”

NACA is a non-profit HUD-certified community advocacy and home ownership organization, established in 1988 and has 40 offices across the country, including one in Baton Rouge on Siegen Lane.

NACA has two major programs, the Purchase Program and the Home Save Program.  While NACA’s Purchase Program has no income limits, they work primarily with low to moderate income homebuyers to provide them with the best mortgage product in the country. There’s no down payment, no closing costs or fees and perfect credit is not required. Everyone gets the same, fixed, below-market interest rate. Plus the interest rate can be bought down to nearly zero. NACA has over $13 billion committed by some of the country’s major financial institutions for this program.

In addition to an outstanding 30-year loan, NACA continues to change the face of home ownership in the United States with a game-changing 15-year Freedom Loan that builds equity and personal wealth much more quickly than the 30-year mortgage.

NACA’s Home Save program has helped more than a quarter-million homeowners across the country avoid foreclosure by modifying their unaffordable mortgages. NACA has legally binding agreements with all the major lenders plus Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, getting interest rates permanently reduced to as low as a 2% fixed rate and sometimes eliminating a portion of the principal.

And all of NACA’s services are free of charge.

NACA’s twenty-seven years of advocacy and activism have made affordable and responsible home ownership a reality for tens of thousands through their Purchase Program and save more than a quarter-million homes from foreclosure with mortgage modifications through the Home Save program.