Rebuilding Program Responds to Church Attacks

(Charlotte, NC) – The Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America (NACA), the membership of over 50 black churches in Charlotte N.C. and NationsBank will send a strong message of resolve to church burning and neighborhood destruction this Sunday. 

Hundreds of community residents will launch this rebuilding program targeted to low- and moderate-income residents.  NACA, which operates similar programs throughout the eastern United States, provides the best mortgage program for working people with no down payment, no closing costs, liberal underwriting for purchase and renovation.   Hugh McColl, CEO of NationsBank, who has committed $500,000 to prosecute the “church burners” is one of the bankers who has taken an active role in NACA’s program and will be a participant in an “offering” on Sunday.

“The attack on black churches demonstrates to us a conspiratorial climate of destabilization of neighborhoods and the foundation of these neighborhoods as exemplified in the black church”, states Reverend Graylan Ellis-Hagler, NACA Development Director and Senior Pastor at the Plymouth Congregational Church of Christ.  “The best response communities can make is to fortify our neighborhoods with rebuilt homes and churches.  NACA’s program will be instrumental in making this renewed community take root”.

Date:     Sunday June 23rd

Time:    4:30 p.m.

Place:   Mount Carmel Baptist Church

              3201 Tuckseegee Road