NACA Kicks Off Largest Homeownership Event in Illinois History

Providing Unprecedented Homeownership Opportunity With No Down Payment & No Closing Cost Mortgage

(Tinley Park, IL) Today at 1:00 p.m. NACA will kick off a massive homeownership event at its “Achieve the Dream” one-stop mortgage event at the Tinley Park Convention Center.

Several homeowners who have purchased through the NACA program will be on hand to share their experiences. Local officials from around Chicagoland will attend the press conference as well. They will be joined by NACA CEO Bruce Marks, Bank of America executives and other community leaders to highlight the extraordinary homeownership opportunities provided during this four-day event.  Thousands of homebuyers will attend with the opportunity to access NACA’s Best in America Mortgage.  

“The NACA Mortgage, without the need for a down payment or closing costs, eliminates the significant savings requirement that locks out many homebuyers in today’s market”, stated Bruce Marks, NACA’s CEO and founder. The 22 previous Achieve the Dream events nationwide have seen tens of thousands of homebuyers in attendance.

NACA is the only organization providing a streamlined, one-stop mortgage operation to eliminate the barriers to homeownership for low to moderate income and minority buyers. The program directly confronts the affordable housing crisis with a truly affordable mortgage that requires no down payment, no closing costs, no PMI, at a below market fixed rate that can be bought down to nearly zero and no need for perfect credit. NACA provides unprecedented homeownership opportunities for thousands of low and moderate-income homebuyers.

The NACA mortgage program features no down payment, no closing costs, no PMI, does not use your credit score and features a below market fixed rate (3.0%/30-year and 2.625%/15-year as of 9/5/19) that can be bought down to nearly zero. Everyone receives the same incredible terms, and NACA is the only program doing so, according to Forbes Magazine. $15 Billion dollars has been committed to the NACA program by major banks.  

The Achieve the Dream event is one way to help address the affordable housing issue in Chicago and across the country, especially for working people. This event will open the floodgates to those blocked from the dream of affordable homeownership.

During the mortgage crisis, NACA’s “Save the Dream” events attracted tens of thousands of homeowners where NACA was able to modify over 250,000 unaffordable mortgages. Now NACA’s Achieve the Dream event in Tinley Park will also host thousands of primarily low and moderate-income people who are homebuyers participating in NACA’s purchase program. Ten years after the beginning of the mortgage crisis, NACA is the one bright light in mortgage lending for low to moderate-income and minority borrowers. #AchieveTheDreamNACA.